Naturally Foods Help Whiter Teeth


Oral is a core part needs to be daily care thoroughly and correct technique. A healthy diet is not only good for your health in the supply of nutrients, but also play a big role in protecting the precious teeth.


Choose food wisely will help extend the life of the natural teeth, while limiting the time and money for dental treatment when go to the dental office. These foods have the ability to clean teeth will help in helping whiter teeth.

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Lemon Help Whiter Teeth


In lime containing high amounts of vitamin C and acid, contributes to bleach plaque of natural tooth enamel.


Use a thin slice of lemon or lime juice rub lightly the teeth to removing plaque and effective teeth cleaning.


Strawberries Help Whiter Teeth


Strawberries are considered as one of the fruits provide nutrients for beautiful skin, but few know is strawberries also works to clean teeth.


Every day, you just crushed strawberries and then rub lightly on the tooth surface, which helps clean teeth rapidly.

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Apple Help Whiter Teeth


Malic acid in apples have concentration high, the substance acts as a bleaching agent, providing energy for the body.


Use apple scrub on teeth can cleaning quite well. Also, when eating apples, you try to chew a little longer to remove plaque quickly.


Banana peel Help Whiter Teeth


Banana peel contains high levels of nutrients, use banana skin scrub teeth can contribute to clean tartar. However, be careful not to rub on the gums because it can cause bleeding.


Sugarcane Help Whiter Teeth


Instead of drinking sugarcane juice, you should eat sugar cane directly to rubbing against  the surface of teeth, teeth cleaning quick and efficient.


There are many foods that work to clean teeth more. However, you should also have a habit of cleanliness dental hygiene to limit the formation of dental plaque harm.


The above methods are only temporary teeth whitening. If you want to maintain a long-term effect, you should perform teeth whitening methods in the dental clinic.


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