How to Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda?


One of the interesting things is that natural whitening of the teeth is a very cost-effective and cheaper than treatment provided by the dentist. Whitening of your teeth can be easily done at your home. Use baking soda that is one of the best friends to maintain oral hygiene. If you want to whiten your teeth naturally without any pain and endeavor with priceless process then baking soda is the answer.


On the other hand, it is most essential to not use excessive baking soda because it can decay the tooth enamel. Even, using baking soda helps to protect your teeth from wear and tear and also prevents acid attack of the bacteria entering your tooth canal causing tooth decay. Extreme utilization of baking soda can cause bleeding gums, dental hypersensitivity, adjustments of bacterial flora in the mouth and many more oral problems.


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You can use baking soda like a mouthwash that is made by melting a teaspoon of baking soda in half a quarter of water.

This liquid solution whitens your teeth along with refreshing your breath and stops tooth decomposition.

Another innate therapy to whiten teeth and confiscate tarnishes to put some baking soda on the toothbrush (covering all the bristles), and brush your teeth like normal.




Squeeze a little lemon juice onto baking soda and mix well.

Then take a little composite of this mixture on your hands and rub it on the teeth gently.

Note down that great foe of your teeth are coffee, tea, chocolate and tobacco these substances decay your teeth.

It is better not to consume them regularly otherwise it can affect your teeth.


Baking soda is a common ingredient that is present in every household. It has numerous benefits including teeth whitening as mentioned above. However, proper care needs to be taken when using it on every day basis.

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