Does Banana Peel Whiten Teeth?


To whiten teeth banana peel is very safe , it is rich in minerals and vitamins which will not harm our teeth if used for whitening our teeth. They do not have abrasiveness that other whiteners used for cleaning or whitening teeth has , they are not expensive and easily available.

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How to Use Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening

There are many ways to whiten your teeth like you can buy teeth whiteners form market but have you ever thought that you can easily whiten your teeth at home without any problem and in a interesting way. So now let us see the use of banana peel for whitening our teeth.


1. Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening

You’ll need:

Banana peel

Tooth brush



First take a part or piece of banana flesh or peel

Then rub it on your teeth for 2 minutes

After rubbing your teeth with peel brush you teeth with toothpaste well


How it works: The amazing minerals in the peel like potassium , magnesium and manganese absorb into your teeth and make it white.


Repetitions: Every day in the morning before brushing your teeth.


Bananas are very great snacks , we love to make many new dishes or soft serves with banana but now we got to know that even banana peels can be used in a great way for our benefits. So from now don’t throw banana peels in the garbage and use it for your own benefits. A very healthy way to keep you guys healthy.

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