Bhringraj Oil For Hair


The hair fall and hair loss is the budding problem of X generation. The stressed life, consumption of junk food, usage of harsh chemicals, hormonal imbalance and hereditary are some of the factors that leads to hair loss. The hair thinning at the initial stage is an indication of hair loss. One must read the hair fall symptoms and start working accordingly. The male and female pattern of hair loss differs. It is better to opt for home remedies before going for medication. Bhringraj oil is an effective and efficient oil for hair loss problems. Let us read ton know how to use bhringraj oil for hair have a look!


Bhringraj is also known as False Daisy. It has its roots in India, China, Brazil and Thailand. The oil is just not hair growth remedy but also is a health tonic. It cures liver infections and aids in digestion process. It is a medicinal plants and is said to cure insomnia. The other major issues like high blood pressure and diabetes can also be controlled by Bhringraj oil.


Benefits of Bhringraj Oil for Hair:

Prevents greying of hair.

Strengthen hair follicles from the roots.

Increases blood circulation to the scalp.

Initiates hair growth.

Prevents hair fall.

Improves hair texture by making it more silky and smooth.

Relaxes the brain cells.

Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.

Fights with dandruff.

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1. How to Use Bhringraj oil for Hair:


You’ll need:

few drops of bhringraj oil

cotton ball


Preparation time: 3-5 minutes.


How to apply:

Take few drops of Bhringraj oil and warm it (The quantity of the oil depends on the length of the hair)

Take a cotton ball and dab into it. Part your hair from the middle.

Rub the oil absorbed cotton on the scalp in such a way that the oil reaches the scalp.

Continue the hair parting and application of the oil on entire scalp and hair follicles.

Massage it in circular movements for few minutes.

Do not give pressure to your fingers and palm as this will break the hair follicles.

A gentle massage is recommended (This will increase the blood circulation to the scalp)

Cover the head with a shower cap. You can also opt for hot towel wrap if you have time and patience.

Leave it for 2 hours or so.

Wash it with a mild shampoo such that the oil is completely out of the scalp and hair.


Repetitions: You can follow this process thrice a week.


Result: The hair will become more smooth, silky and shiny. The hair re-growth will slowly begin.


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