The Real Reason Why You Keep Waking Up at 3 am


Do you wake up at 3 A.M., or do you sleep the whole night?

Some people wake up in the middle of the night without any reason. Is this your case? If you are part of this group, know that other people go through the same thing.

Interrupted sleep is common when you are worried about something, if you have constant thoughts, or if you are going through stressful situations. But, sometimes, these interruptions happen without any reason. And, what if it happens exactly at three in the morning?

There are some explanations and meaning for waking up involuntarily at 3 A.M. Some people say it is the witching hour, while others say that evil spirits roam around in the middle of the night.

Some other people, like us, believe that there is a logical explanation for this phenomenon.

We recently posted a video talking about why you should sleep before 11 P.M. Have you watched it yet? Go watch it, it is super interesting, and you will love learning about it!

According to traditional Chinese medicine, all people have energy waves in their body. Every organ of the body releases an energy wave at specific times of the day.

When there is a physical or emotional issue, these signs may be more intense, making you either get sleepy or completely awake.

So, waking up at 3 A.M. may be evidence that something is wrong with your health.

It is amazing how our bodies can send different signs about our physical and emotional states. We must learn how to listen and recognize these signs to improve our lives.


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