Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss: The Diabetic Keto Queen!

Sherri Shepherd: A True Inspiration- A Mother Can Turn Impossible To Possible.

Motivation and will power is the strongest weapon of the human being to deal with any impossible situation.  A thirteen years old boy once asked his mother, who was a patient of uncontrolled type 2 diabetes that what will he do if his mother died. It was alarming to her.

A child is always a world to the mother. A mother can do anything for her child. A sugar candy or rather sugar craving is nothing in front of her child. The mother understood that very moment that she has to quit sugar to support her child, to see him to grow, to be with him as long as possible. Here start her journey to Keto Diet.

It’s none other than Sherri Evonne Shepherd. Many people call her a motivation master to many women because of her role. Sherri Shepherd, a 52 years old well-known American actress, comedian, writer and television personality and a mother. Back in 2007, Sherri had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

‘Type 2 diabetes’ or T2D is a kind of diabetes with high blood sugar with insulin resistance, and a relative shortfall of insulin. Obesity and high sugar diet both can trigger type 2 Diabetes. Sugar shots used to be in her favourite list. Diabetes also couldn’t stop her from the intake of sugar.

Be it a sugar candy or Russell Cupcake she used to love every form of it. She couldn’t able to control her sugar cravings instead of her growing A1C numbers. That time she was 189lbs and it was red alert for her health. Just a single sentence from her son Jeffery works like a miracle. She got the strength of motivation and willpower to make herself fit to be with his son as long as possible. She decided to commit to her health.

300days without sugar and 30 pounds loss in her weight. She is more energetic, healthy now. She is reducing her eczema, headache, dark circles around her eyes. She can now enjoy even much more with his children.

189lbs to 159lbs was not at all been easy for Sherri. 300 days without sugar. Sherri started Ketogenic or Keto Diet with the help of her two keto mentors.

What is a keto diet? Well, the answer is it’s a low-carb but high-fat diet. It increases the insulin level and lowers the blood sugar, the deduction is crabs put our body into a metabolic state called Ketosis. In the stage of Ketosis, our body gets incredibly efficient in burning fat for energy. This ketogenic diet can give numerous health benefits.

herri’s Keto strategy

Sherri Shepherd wrote a book on her miraculous Keto diet plan for diabetics.  It’s a beautiful book with the secret of the Keto diet to regain a healthy and energetic life.

‘Plan D’ has three simple stages.

Stage 1: Say Good-Bye To The Sugars:

Saying good-bye to sugar is the first step of Sherri’s Keto diabetic diet plan. It’s a very difficult stage, as sugar means not only desserts. This high glycemic index food needs more insulin to break the sugar.

But this process cannot be completed, in a diabetic patient’s body. As, a diabetic pancreas cannot remove sufficient insulin. So blood sugar level will go higher if you consume these foods. So the solution is to have food with low glycemic index food and combine them with some healthy protein.

Sherri method was considered to be one of the best that has been used by many people and this stage 1 is a great start to anyone who want to do this.

Stage 2: Refine Your Relation with Food

Here in the second step you will refine your relation with food in Keto way. It is a pretty simple process. You only have to make your plate divide into parts or portions. First, you divide the plate into 2 halves. Fill one part of it with leafy green veggies.

Now divide the rest one part into two. One-fourth of a portion will be filled with whole grains, beans, starchy vegetables, fresh peas, brown rice, etc. basically  carbohydrate and the rest one fourth will be filled with protein, grilled chicken breast, salmon or tofu, etc.

Stage 3: Move at least 15 min

The third step is pretty straight forward in this Keto plan. Daily at least 15 mins workout is a must. Work out means, not a rigorous gym exercise. It is like moving your body for 15 mins. It can be any general move, like, working in the garden, ride a bike, walk with your dog, etc. In this Keto plan it is a must do and actually it can be done very easily. It is very simle.

Sherri gives few more tips like:

Prepare your breakfast at previous night only, so that it can save more your time and energy

Focusing on eating small portions often rather more after long gaps. Take short meals, in 3-4 hours intervals. A frequent and smaller meal can control your hunger.

Promise to give yourself a new food every week to surprise your body and taste buds.

One simple meal plan of a day according to ‘Plan D’

Breakfast: A smoothie made with 1 cup low-fat yogurt, 1 tablespoon almonds, ½ cup fresh fruits, 1 tablespoon cinnamons.

For the Snack:  You can apply the use of Sunflower seeds

For The Lunch:  Take atleast ½ cup pasta, which is combined with 1 cup of the roasted veggies together with 3 ounces of some salmon and mixed it with the two tablespoons of some salad dressing.

Snack: 1-2 cheese roll ups, 1 bell pepper cut into pieces.

Dinner: 11/2 cups baked tofu with cauliflower rice, broccoli, carrot and bell pepper salad topped with homemade peanut sauce.


It says that if there is a will there is a way. Sherri Shepherd is a true example of this quote. She is now going around 159lbs to 161lbs. Her waistline used to be 47 and now it is 35. Maybe in the coming years, we can see her with waistline 29 or maybe even 27.

It really feels good when you lose weight and become fit and energetic. It gives enormous strength and makes a person feel independent. It feels really good when your dream dress can be fitted on you. Sherri shares all her weight loss journey with the world. It is motivational and inspirational.

Diet and weight loss are a motivational journey. It can be lost any time with a spark of food craving. Even Sherri Shepherd admitted that. Once she told that, she doesn’t want to go back to her old size again so she donated all her old big size jeans.

We all need a spark to start a motivational journey. Jeffery’s panicked concern about her mother made it possible for Sherri. It needs strong dedication. But as we all know, a mother can turn an impossible to possible for her child. Sherri’s journey would not have been started without Jeffery. It is well said somewhere that a mother gives life to the children but children give mothers a reason to live.

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