Name That Tune' Star Randy Jackson Weight Loss Story!


Fox has revived a musical game show called 'Name That Tune,' in which the musical knowledge of contestants is tested in a one-hour time period. '30 Rock' star Jane Krakowski is hosting the series, and the main man of the show is Randy Jackson, who's serving as the bandleader.


    Randy Jackson enjoyed quite a successful music career over the years. However, his professional achievements are not the only things impressive about his life. He's also got an incredible story about his weight loss, the details of which we've compiled below.


    How Did Randy Jackson Succeed in Undergoing a Significant Weight Loss?

    Randy Jackson served as one of the original 'American Idol' judges for 12 seasons. Even though he'd a great time during his time on the show, he was struggling with his health at the period.


    'I was struggling with my weight,' Randy Jackson once told People in an interview. 'You come in, and they go. 'Yeah, dawg, you're telling me I'm terrible, but you're fat!' And I would go, 'I am. I have mirrors in my house. I know!'


    Randy Jackson said that his weight ballooned to 350 pounds during the second season of 'American Idol.' And in 2003, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a huge blow to his deteriorating health.


    After the diagnosis of diabetes, Randy Jackson decided to make changes to his lifestyle for his own well being. He considers the diagnosis of the condition as his wake-up call.


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    'It's a curse to be saddled with a disease that's life-threatening and that you can't completely get rid of (though you can certainly manage it),' Randy Jackson says in his book 'Body With Soul.' 'But it's a blessing to get that huge wake-up call.'


    So, in order to undergo weight loss, Randy Jackson decided to have weight-loss surgery.


    First of All, Randy Jackson Underwent Weight Loss Surgery


    Randy Jackson underwent weight loss surgery at first. It helped him to lose 100 pounds, but he regained weight later. He then realized that he needed to make other changes too.


    Randy Jackson made a major change in his diet in order to undergo a proper weight loss. And this was crucial in his journey to lose weight for his own good. He adopted healthy eating practices and avoided products high in carbohydrates and sugar. Instead, he consumed a lot of fruits and vegetables as part of his diet.


    Randy Jackson found it very difficult to adjust to the new change in his diet at first. He was skeptical of himself on whether he could maintain this routine or not. But with persistence, he succeeded in implementing it in his life.

    'If you make a mistake, change it the next day,' Randy Jackson advises as per Prevention. 'Never say 'I will never have another piece of chocolate,' because it won't happen, and as soon as you say never, there is a binge coming.'


    Randy Jackson Also Incorporated Exercise to Supplement His Weight Loss


    In addition to a healthy diet, Randy Jackson also made a routine of walking 30 minutes a week for exercise. Doing so, he became more physically active.


    'I needed to start with something I could do that was simple,' Jackson says. He also keeps a treadmill next to his bed. 'It's right there staring at me, going, 'Come here. You know you need this,' [and] that makes the ugliness worth it,' he revealed, saying he now the treadmill for 35 to 45 minutes a day.


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    Moreover, Randy Jackson also does a little bit of yoga. 'I have become accustomed to yoga,' he says. 'I love the stretching and how it makes my body feel better and looser.' This way, he succeeded in losing 114 pounds of weight and is also implementing the same habits to maintain his body weight.


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