LaShaunda lost 72 pounds

Transformation of the Day: LaShaunda lost 72 pounds. At the beginning of 2020, she began to focus on herself, spiritually, mentally, and physically. She changed her eating habits, walked daily, and fell in love with herself again as she created a healthy lifestyle.

I started my weight loss journey on January 1, 2020. I focused on myself (spiritually/mentally/physically) after realizing I let myself go for the last two years. The Pandemic has me working from home full-time and in isolation until summer 2021. I’m a people person, and I miss seeing faces daily. I turned the negative into a positive and started focusing on changing my weight and health!

I’ve been happily dating MYSELF, spending time with my wonderful family and friends, and getting closer to God. When you focus on the good, the good gets better!


No surgery! No pills! It took a year, and now I’ve lost 72 pounds. At the beginning of my journey, I weighed 232 pounds at 5’3″. Now I weigh 160 pounds. I wore a size 16/18, and now I wear a size 8/10.


It’s crazy that I lost more inches than pounds. I’m so HAPPY with my progress and accomplishment. How did I do it? I walked 3-5 miles a day in my neighborhood and changed my diet.


Eating Habits: This is the meal plan that worked for me…


Breakfast: Fruit

Lunch: Salad with meat

Dinner: Chicken, Fish, & Shrimp with Veggies (I also had beef once a week. No potatoes or bread.)

Sweets: Iced Popsicles and cookies twice a week


For weight loss maintenance, I followed the same plan as above, Sun-Fri. I had a cheat day on Saturdays.


Exercise Routine: I walked daily 3-5 miles for six months. I’m no longer walking. Instead, I’m on my Elliptical daily to build more muscle. I just hired a trainer named Shak (drill sergeant 🤣) on December 1 for the next phase of my journey in 2021. I have no clue about muscle/weight training. I know she’ll take my body to the next level.


Biggest Lesson: When you focus on the good, the good gets better! I focused on myself (spiritually, mentally, and physically) and regained my self-esteem and my happiness. I’m in love with myself again, and my health has improved. Before I made this change, I was taking two blood pressure pills, and I was pre-diabetic.


What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?: I learned during my journey that it’s more mental than physical. After two weeks, it became a habit for me to eat healthily and exercise. The hardest part is the maintenance after losing the weight to keep it off. You still need to be disciplined afterward with your meal plan and workouts.

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