Kim Kardashian Lose 60 Pounds with keto

The ketogenic diet is also known as keto diet is getting popularity as it is endorsed by many celebrities. It is a low fat and carb diet that exists already but celebrities following this added fuel to the fire.

Kim Kardashian Keto Diet Outcome: Loses 60 LBS!

Kim Kardashian also follows this Kato diet and lost almost 60 pounds of weight and maintained a body structure after having kids.   Most common Keto diet plan  Eating patterns have changed in the recent years, more and more people are following to eat healthy food instead of overeating.

The Kato diet is an ultra-low diet in terms of fat and carbohydrates. Following the most commonly used Kato diet plan includes 75% of its regular calories that were obtained from fats, consumption of protein 20%, and only minimal 5% of carbohydrates. By eating this way for few days will make the body to enter in a ketosis phase which implies that the body system has initiated to burn fats and sustained carbohydrates (glucose) to save energy for daily activities.

Benefits of keto diet

Keto diet has tremendous benefits that one cannot imagine besides weight loss. It has several positive health benefits like it save you from going towards obesity and prevent the chance and intensity of diabetes (type 2) and neurological disorder (epilepsy).

Several types of research were conducted on keto diet results and few of the revealed that this diet plan is also beneficial for your skin, it makes your skin clear and acne free as it does not include high intake of glycaemic food whose content has a higher amount of carbohydrates.

Kim Kardashian keto diet experience

It is easy to say but following a diet plan that reduces your carbs consumption is the most challenging task. Many celebrities are following keto diet plan and face many issues like irritations, craving for food and headaches. These issues are named as the keto flu.

Kim Kardashian is known for her beauty and style, her commitment towards low carb diet is very strong to stay healthy and fit. Kim also followed the trendy keto diet plan and in her story, she revealed that after his son named saint she lost 60 pounds of weight by following the keto diet plan.

She followed the diet plan that was made for individuals who wanted to lose almost 40 pounds of weight.  Kim Kardashian diet plan has very limited consumption of carbohydrates and fat. Besides having a set diet plan, she also followed a workout schedule that boosts her metabolism to reduce weight.

Kim Keto Diet and Exercise

By following both (Kato diet and exercise) Kim shared her story on her app that states she was very happy with the outcome that is getting a flat stomach and a stylish body. Having a stylish smart body is the dream of every person and need of every celebrity.

Kim Kardashian followed a diet plan and a regular workout routine that makes her look sexier. She set a standard and explained the way the achieve the look that is very much demanded. Kim Kardashian keto diet outcomes have amazed everyone and are no longer a secret for someone to follow.

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