How to Whiten Teeth with Coconut Oil?


Having stained teeth is one of the common problems which we can see these days. The main reason behind this is unhealthy food habit and lifestyle along with too much intake of tannin in form of tea and coffee. For some, specific medicine consumption can also be the reason for stain. In today’s article we are going to read on how to whiten teeth with coconut oil.


    Does Coconut Oil Whiten Teeth?


    Lauric acid present in coconut oil is known for attacking all harmful bacteria present in mouth and can cause serious bad breath, tooth decaying and  lso gum disease. Coconut oil won’t bleach it removes plaque giving a shinning look to teeth.

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    How to Use Coconut Oil for Teeth Whitening?


    There are so many ways in which coconut oil can be used for whitening the teeth.  You can use just the oil or mix it with other ingredients for excellent performance.


    1. Brushing Teeth with Coconut Oil


    Coconut oil is known for attacking the harmful bacteria present in mouth, it is always considered healthy to use small amount of coconut oil daily before toothpaste brushing to keep the gums and teeth healthy.


    2. Coconut oil Pulling for Teeth Whitening


    Oil pulling is one act in which you swish oil in mouth for about 20 minutes and spit it out. It acts as mouthwash.


    Take one tablespoon coconut oil and put in mouth.

    Now swish oil all over mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Push and pull it right between teeth.

    Spit oil out

    Brush the teeth properly using regular tooth paste.


    3. Turmeric and Coconut Oil to Whiten Teeth


    Turmeric is good for gingival inflammation and any dental pain. Along with coconut oil it will soothe the gums and protect from any infection.




    Organic turmeric powder

    Coconut oil

    Preparation Time: 5 Minutes




    Take 1/4 the spoon of Turmeric powder

    Mix the turmeric with 1/8th spoon of coconut oil

    Brush your teeth using the mix

    Do not rinse and wait for 5 to 6 minutes to let the turmeric settle on your teeth

    Spit and rinse your mouth

    Brush again with regular toothpaste and rinse


    How it work: This mix cleanse the teeth thoroughly and makes gum free from infection.


    Repetitions: 2 to 3 times weekly


    Best time to Apply: Always at time of brushing.


    Tips: If some yellow stain is around corners of mouth, wash it with dental soap and it will erase out.


    4. Brush Teeth with Coconut Oil and Baking Soda


    Baking soda effectively works for removing stains from teeth surface and make it look more white and clean. It will work slowly and steadily to clear teeth.




    Coconut oil

    Baking Soda



    Preparation Time: 5 minutes




    Take 4 spoon of turmeric powder and mix it with 2 spoon of baking soda

    Add 3 spoon of coconut oil in it and prepare a thick paste

    Brush with this paste and rinse well


    How it works: It will clean and whiten teeth naturally, and will protect teeth and gums from infections as well as inflammation and tooth decay.


    Repetitions:  2 to 3 times weekly for a month


    Best time to Apply:  Always at time of brushing


    Tips: Do not swallow the mix


    5. Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening


    Activated charcoal takes out toxins as well as impurities from body. It offers mouth an excellent Detox, and whitens enamel without effect of bleaching agents.




    Coconut oil

    Activated charcoal

    Peppermint oil



    Preparation Time: 5 minutes




    Take 2 tsp of Activated charcoal powder

    Mix it with 1 cup full Coconut oil

    Put 20 drops of Peppermint essential oil

    Mix well to make it soft

    Place it in mold of round shape. 2-3 spoon in every mold

    Place it in freezer for 15 mins

    Now take one tab in your mouth and keep chewing till it melts. Keep spreading as it lets all over teeth and tongue for 10 to 20 minutes.

    Spit well


    How it work: The tabs work to completely detox the teeth and tongue to remove the stains specially caused due to tannins


    Repetitions: Use these once weekly


    Best time to Apply:  Before brushing.


    Tips:  Store the Charcoal and coconut tabs in cool dark place to avoid melting and for storing long.


    What Kind of Coconut Oil is Good for Teeth?


    Micro nutrients present in unrefined coconut oil helps in killing bacteria present in mouth, tooth decay and corrosion of enamel. It is also popular as Streptococcus Mutans. It cleanses the teeth better than refined coconut oil.


    It’s true that coconut oil alone and also with other natural ingredients can do wonders for your teeth and make look naturally white. But you need to have patience in noticing the change with time. For old stains you need to visit dentist.

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