Carrie Underwood’s weight loss

Carrie Underwood looked like a goddess at the recently held 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards thanks to the Carrie Underwood Keto Pills regimen. She wore a form fitting silver and gold gown from Elie Mad which showed off her gym toned body. She even performed at this award show in a one sleeved, sexy black mini dress which accentuated her amazing legs.

Judging by her physique, it is hard to believe that she had given birth just a year ago. Her son Isaiah was born in Feb 2015 and Carrie managed to lose thirty pounds within just 2 months of that.

The secret behind her weight loss is a vegan diet and the Tabata high intensity interval training routines as reported by Celebrity Health Fitness.

She said that she had put on thirty pounds during pregnancy, which is recommended, and continued exercising while pregnant. She had a C-section and was then forced to wait 6 weeks before she could start working out again.

She was thrilled to begin training again as soon as she got the go ahead from her trainer. Her workout includes hiking and boxing but it is the fat blasting Tabata interval training which helped the most. She said that it didn’t take more than half an hour for her to complete this training and she could even do it at home if required. It is hard, but she loves it.

She chose 7 exercises, squats, pushups, lunges, etc. and did 8 sets of each. It helped rev up her metabolism quite substantially.

She has been a vegan for a very long time and loves bread. She doesn’t eat it at night though as this helps her maintain her flat stomach.

In the evening, she will have some protein and vegetables but not bread. Then when she wakes up, her belly is nice and flat.She now joins a list of celebrity vegans who credit all their weight loss on this plant based diet. Some other celebrities include Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Beyoncé’s long time trainer, Marco Borges, has said that the 22 day revolution diet is what helped Beyoncé lose sixty five pounds in just 6 months after giving birth to Blue Ivy 4 years ago. Beyoncé has managed to maintain her weight since then and looks much better now.

Borges has been training Beyoncé since 2007 and said that it is her vegan diet which helps her maintain her sizzling body. She does have curves naturally and that just makes it harder.

Even Jennifer has credited this diet for her ten pound weight loss and beauty.

Carrie, who is just 5 foot 3 inches tall lost twenty pounds after she won American Idol and has been a fitness fanatic ever since and admits that she counts every calorie she eats and works out every single day.

There was a point at which the Carrie Underwood weight loss regimen included diet pills but she doesn’t take them anymore since they are unhealthy. She admits that it wasn’t the best way to lose weight and if she had the chance, she would go back in time and do it the right way.

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