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Transformation of the Day: Ash lost 90 pounds. Her motivation came from having high blood pressure. She knew that if she didn’t change her lifestyle, she could be at risk for stroke or heart attack in the future. She took action by adopting a low-carb lifestyle and working out.

I’ve come a looooooong way, and I remember this girl on the left [before photo]. She was not healthy. Now I’m down 90 pounds through a low-carb diet and exercise. It feels so much better being healthy, physically, mentally, and spiritually!


    What was your motivation?

    Having blood pressure issues was my motivation.


    What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?

    What inspired me was my doctor telling me that I’m too young for high blood pressure, and if I stayed on that track, I would have a stroke or heart attack.


    How did you change your eating habits?

    I switched to high protein and low carbs. I cut out all sugar and bread.


    What did your workout routine consist of?

    How often do you work out? I’ve been taken Spinning classes for a whole year straight, four classes a week.


    What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?

    My starting weight was 270 pounds, and my current weight is 180 pounds.


    What is your height?

    I’m 5’9″.


    How long did your transformation take?

    It took me three years to complete this journey.


    Is weight loss surgery part of your journey?



    What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

    Be kind to yourself on this journey. You will have good and bad days. Don’t beat yourself if you make an unhealthy eating decision. The next food choice you make should be smarter. Don’t give up!


    What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?

    Anything you want, you can manifest. Make a choice to live a healthy lifestyle and crush it. If I can do it, you can too!

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