Amber Scholl Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know


Amber Scholl is widely recognized as a DIY guru and fashion influencer, best known for her 'Broke Girl Hacks' series in her eponymous YouTube channel. She covers stuff related to celebrity fashion and home decor. So far, she's got over 3.4 million subscribers to date on her YouTube channel.


    Amber Scholl has established herself as an Internet celebrity with a significant fan following of her own. As a well-known social media personality, her personal life becomes a topic of interest for most people who see her content. Recently her weight loss has been gaining traction from most of her viewers, so we are discussing a little bit about it below.


    How Did Amber Scholl Manage to Undergo Weight Loss?


    Image is one of the things that physical aspects concerning people engaged in the fashion industry. Models need to slim down, perform plastic surgery and artificial modifications on their bodies and look 'perfect' as per some set standards. Amber puts fashion content on her YouTube channel, so she is also oftentimes a bit more conscious about her body image.

    In comparison to her pre-YouTube days, Amber Scholl's given more priority to her body shape. She's slimmed down considerably since her college days, and through weight loss, she's succeeded in maintaining her body shape. She's been happy with her present transformation, but she's not forgotten her past struggles.


    Amber Scholl recently opened up about her weight struggles on one of her YouTube videos. She revealed the truth about her body, her eating disorder, and her diet plan and fitness routine.


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    In the video, Amber Scholl discloses that she used to suffer from a severe eating disorder since her childhood. It affected her personal and professional life adversely and caused problems related to weight in her body. Her diet was affected by her eating condition. She gained weight due to this, but she could do nothing about it.


    Amber Scholl Followed a Diet Plan to Maintain Her Body Weight


    Amber Scholl tried to follow a particular diet routine to maintain her body shape even with the eating disorder. But in the process of controlling the amount of food she used to intake, she would be too hard on herself. She would be very concerned even if she accidentally ate more than the required amount.


    At one point, Amber Scholl even began to eat less than the amount that she needed for her body. She used to starve herself at times, which deteriorated her health. But once things began to go extreme for her, she sought professional help.


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    By following the advice from medical professionals and nutritionists, Amber Scholl began to adopt healthy eating practices. She also incorporated an exercise routine into her life to get more fit. Gradually, she began to see a positive transformation in her life. She managed to lose weight a sufficient amount and attain a healthy, slim, and fit body.

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