40 Healthy Foods Will Help You To Lose Weight


If you are aiming to lose weight, all you need to know is simple math. It means, you will have to eat fewer calories than you actually burn. One of the easiest ways to dieting is, eating lots of fruits and food and then you can exercise. But at the end, you need to select appropriate food that are healthy and also not allow you to lose weight. Here we go with the list.


Healthy Foods  Help you to Lose Weight

1. Whole eggs:

Whole eggs are one of the best foods you can chomp on, that will keep you healthy as well not allow you to gain weight. They are packed with proteins, fats that keep your stomach filled.


2. Salmon:

Salmons are incredibly healthy foods to be included in diet. Salmons contain high amount of proteins, fats and all types of nutrients that helps to keep your body fit and fine. Most of the seafood including salmon provides iodine in high content which helps the body to fight against various diseases like thyroid.


3. Broccoli:

Broccoli is high in protein when compared to Cruciferous vegetables around. Broccoli can be included in your daily diet, and the best thing about this veggie is it can be served in a form of salad or can be eaten boiled.


4. Chicken beast:

Chicken beasts are high in protein which helps to quench the thirst in a person. These are packed with fiber and essential proteins that are essential for the body.


5. Boiled potatoes:

While many of them boiled potatoes should not be taken when you are on dieting, it is proved by studies that eating boiled potatoes does not adds weight to the body.


6. Hummus:

If you hummus in your fridge you have the healthiest food there. Hummus helps to loose weight and also it helps to keep your stomach filled.


7. Beans:

Beans are inexpensive and also they are packed with great source of proteins. Beans can be included in your daily diet, as they are slow to digest. Which means it helps to keep your stomach full.


8. Apple:

As you have heard, apple a day keeps your doctor away! This is one of the best life mantra which we all got in our childhood. They can pack with all sorts of vitamins that are essential for the body.


9. Dark chocolate:

Many of them have experienced, when they are hungry they would take a bite of a chocolate. This is because study has proved dark chocolate helps to keep your stomach filled and also does not adds weight.


10. Soup:

If does not matter you like it or not, simple tomato, corn or vegetable soup can help you to maintain weight as well as help you to feel less hungry.


11. Legumes:

Legumes are beneficial for weight loss and are high in fiber too. Various studies have proved that legumes tend to contain some resistance starch in it.


12. Black beans:

Black beans are one among the legumes that are high in protein as well as fiber. Black beans can be taken as boiled or cooked.


13. Kidney beans:

Kidney beans are widely cooked in Asian countries in a full course meal. This is because kidney beans helps in weight loss and also are high in protein, fiber and nutrients.


14. Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese is high in calorie and contains extremely less amount of fat and carbs. Now, due to its health benefits people have moved from cheese to cottage cheese.


15. Avocados:

Avocados are perfect when served as salad or just a break time meal. You can find lot of water in this fruit and hence it is extremely beneficial to include in the diet.


16. Corn:

Corns are healthy to be taken as diet. You can simply add some pepper, salt and other spices and enjoy corn when you are extremely hungry.


17. Watermelon:

Due to high content of water present in the watermelon, it proves extremely beneficial in losing weight.


18. Nuts:

For a great time, you can easily eat handful of nuts. Nuts are packed with protein and other nutrients which are required by the body.


19. Almonds:

Handful of almonds can be extremely beneficial while dieting. You can soak them overnight and eat them without removing the skin.


20. Yoghurt:

One fresh bowl of yoghurt can help to keep you filled and also you won’t gain weight.


21. Fresh juice:

You can grind any fruit or vegetable at home and enjoy the juice anytime.


22. Lemon honey water:

Like always you have heard, lemon honey is extremely beneficial for people who want to lose weight. you need to make use of warm water.


23. Grapes:

Due to high content of water in grapes, it helps to lose weight as well as keep your stomach filled.


24. Oats:

Oats are enriched with soluble fibers that are extremely beneficial for the body. Oats can never allow you to gain weight but it boosts your body with energy.


25. Cucumber:

You might have already heard about health benefits of cucumber! Yes, they are extremely beneficial in dieting.


26. Sabja:

You can include Sabja in any of your drinks and have it. Sabja seeds have proved to help individual in losing weight.


27. Chia seeds:

Chia seeds are not to be confused with Sabja. Both are different, but help to loose weight as well as good for your body.


28. Coconut oil:

Cooking food in coconut oil can help to feel you satiate and also healthy.


29. Salad:

Try to much more of salad rather than any fast food. Salad would help you to maintain weight as well as keep you in shape.


30. Infused water:

Now there is great technology of infused water. You can drink it the way you want you! You can also make infused water at home.


31. Boiled veggies:

You can add some pepper and chilies on your boiled veggies and enjoy them! They will help to maintain weight as well as keep your healthy.


32. Chili pepper:

Chili pepper helps to lose weight as well as extinguishes the hunger in you. You can add more of chili pepper to lose weight.


33. Apple cider vinegar:

Taking apple cider vinegar helps to increase the completeness in your body. Various studies have shown, it helps in losing weight.


34. Fruits:

Not only apple or banana, but any fruit can help to make you feel complete.


35. Purred vegetables:

Purred vegetables help to give high amount of calories to the body.


36. Sausage:

Sausages are high in protein and it helps to make you feel full right away. Just a single sausage is enough to satisfy your hunger.


37. Brown rice:

Brown rice is enriched with fiber and hence it proves beneficial for health.


38. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit juice helps to burn fat and also helps you to feel full.


39. Water:

Did you know, drinking water can be the best thing? Well, yes, it can help you to lose weight and also satiate your thirst and hunger.


40. Tomato:

Due to high content of water in tomato it helps to lose weight. They are excellent source of protein as well as calcium.

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