23 Ways To Lose Your Weight Without Dieting


Hello girlies,

As per a survey it is seen that approximately 78% people are unhappy with their weight. They want to reduce it. Most of them want to reduce only at certain parts of their body. But let me tell you something that is not easy. Spot weigh loss is not at all easy. It’s a task in itself.

So, let’s not talk about the difficult part. We will talk about the easy, the fun part. Weight loss is quite common. Every third person is unhappy with their weight and is looking for ways to reduce it. But dieting is not everyone’s cup of tea. You cannot see everyone being so comfortable with dieting and practising it wholeheartedly. At some point or the other people tend to give up. For me dieting personally is not sustainable.

So, i thought of researching about some ways to lose those extra pounds without dieting. Let’s find out some fun ways to lose weight. What say???? Sounds interesting. Then read ahead –


23 Ways To Lose Your Weight Without Dieting

1. Cycling:

It is one of the healthiest hobbies. While cycling you can see the world around you travel places and god knows what more. You don’t need to do anything just keep on moving your legs and it will do the entire work of your body. Cycling stiffens your muscles, keeps you fit and reduce those extra pounds in no time. Also, in this polluting atmosphere cycling is pretty green exercise.


2. Swimming:

There is a proverb people who swim lead healthy life. Well, it’s true. Swimming makes your arms and chest area toned. Also, it is an excellent exercise for your legs. And what more it also strengthens your immunity system. All in one. Try it girls.


3. Skipping :

you can never imagine what jumping some ropes can do to your body. And the most fun part with this exercise is that you don’t need anything other than a simple rope. You can do it in the middle of your work, in restroom anywhere. You can do it even in day or night.


4. Walking :

Even babies do this. Try to walk as much as you can. Walk while talking on phone. ditch lifts and take stairs instead. This will strengthen your legs for future. This is one of the exercises which come completely free of cost. It does not involve any equipment.


5. Breathing Exercise :

this is something which i love. When in the morning you don’t feel like waking up sit by folding both your legs and take some deep breathes in and out. You can do it as many times as you can. But i think 10 times to begin with is fine. Gradually you can keep increasing it.


6. Drinking Water :

Now, this is something which is a sure shot winner in most aspects. Water is the most important food product. Drink water as much water as you can. It will not only flush away your toxins making your skin healthy but also prevent you from being bloated.


7. Start Being Sporty :

Chose any one sport which you love like basketball, volleyball, cricket, football and likewise. Start playing this regularly. Practice every day either in morning or in evening. This will make you energetic and keep you slim and fit.


8. Magic of lemon and Honey Every Morning :

This is called a magic drink. Cut half a lemon and squeeze some drops in a glass full of lukewarm water. Now, stir the water with a spoonful of honey. Drink it. it will gradually cut down your fats and make your skin glow.


9. Mobile Applications :

Download some fitness applications like – fitness tracker, make me fit etc. On your mobile. Now, try to log on these applications. They come with very easy peasy exercises which you can do easily.

10. Morning walk:


Morning air is the best. Try to go on a morning walk. If you don’t like it them take your pet dog for a walk or go to the next block for milk. You can find many more pretty reasons.


11. Jog :

Jogging is another extended form of walking. Light jogging in the morning is quite good. You run slowly and your lungs will enjoy the fresh air. Experts are known to recommend jogging every morning for a good 40 minutes. Isn’t it great???


12. Surya Namaskar:

This is a form of sun salutation exercises. It consists of 12 steps which targets your entire body. This will tone and slim your body in no time if practised regularly.


13. Say yes to YOGA:

YOGA is perfect for those who don’t like going to gym. You can easily learn yoga by seeing video. Many celebrities like Shilpa Shetty are known to be strict follower of Yoga.


14. Eat Fruits :

Have you ever thought that anyone will recommend you to eat to lose weight??? Well, i do and it’s proven. Incorporate atlaest one fruit in your diet every day. This will build up your muscles.


15. Eat Eggs:

Yes, many can say that eggs are fatty. But science proves they are not. Have an egg in breakfast preferably egg white.


16. Drink Green Tea :

Well, it is known to be the herbal tea. It strengthens your immunity system, gives you nice glow and makes you slim.


17. Drink Black Coffee :

Don’t add sugar to your coffee. Drink black coffee for atlaest one month daily and see the difference yourself.


18. Cook with Coconut oil:

Make coconut oil your best friend. Start cooking with it. you will enjoy your healthy food.


19. Pop a Glucomannan Supplement:

It is a fiber that absorbs water and sits in your belly making you feel full and thus reducing your cravings. But i strongly recommend to consult a doctor before eating anything.


20. Brush your Teeth after Dinner:

The logic behind this is that you will not get mid night cravings.


21. Eat Spicy Foods:

This is a proven technique that if you regularly eat spiced hot foods then your digestion will improve. And gradually you will get lean and fit.


22. Chew More:

Some studies suggest that chewing for a longer period of time can make food get broken down further thus reducing calories further. It will also increase production of hormones which will make you thin in long run.


23. Have Good Sleep:

last but not least. Sleep scores above all. Getting a good sleep is always required for maintain the overall body weight.

So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and use this fun ways to trim and slim down.


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