Mihály Lost 88 Pounds On Keto


My name is Mihály and I am from Hungary.

In just six months, I lost 88 pounds (or 40 kilos). Without the keto diet, it wouldn’t have been possible.

In December of 2019, I decided to make personal changes. Back then, I weighed 353 pounds (or 160 kilos). I don’t know how I was able to live like that. Thanks to Diet Doctor, I discovered the keto diet. Now, I want to share my experience with others.

Beginning this new lifestyle was not easy. I have a big family and we like eating really indulgent food. So, while everyone was having pizza, hamburgers, and other tasty stuff, I had to stick with my keto meals — which was made easier by Diet Doctor and its delicious meal plans.

After a couple of weeks, though, I will admit that I started to find some of the keto meal options to be boring. This fact made sticking to the diet even more difficult at times.

From my experience — and this may not apply to everyone — the keto diet requires you to be very strict with your goals in order to succeed. In my case, I had to eat close to zero carbs per day.

Even if I ate just a tiny amount of a carb-rich food on a given day, I would go out of ketosis. Then, it took me three to four days to get back into ketosis.

Right now, I weigh 258 pounds (or 117 kilos). I feel a lot better, and I think I look better, too.

After six months, I stopped doing a strict keto diet because I started exercising. I just didn’t feel like I could keep both things going.

These days, I try to eat as healthy a diet as possible. Based on what I learned during my time eating keto, I still aim for fewer carbs, but my body is no longer in ketosis.

When I lost the weight, my go-to meals were salads with some kind of protein, such as meat, fish, or eggs. I also tried to mix up the salads with sauces, extra veggies, and other toppings so they wouldn’t become boring.

If you decide to try keto, don’t do it alone. You can get support through Facebook, like keto journey. Starting keto is the best decision I ever made for my health.

Thanks for letting me tell my story, and I hope it will help someone.


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