How To Make Instant Pot Chocolate Cheesecake


Have you ever made cheesecake using an Instant Pot? This low-carb and keto-friendly chocolate cheesecake will please you.

This low-carb and keto-friendly chocolate cheesecake will please you. Get recipe here 👇



6 oz cream cheese softened (room temperature)

2 tbsp sour cream

1 tbsp erythritol or any other sweetener of your choice

1 egg room temperature

½ tsp lemon juice

½ tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp cocoa powder

1 tsp olive oil for greasing

berries for serving, optional

chocolate melted for serving, optional




1. In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese and erythritol until creamy. Add in the egg and continue to beat until incorporated. Stir in cocoa powder. Add sour cream, pure vanilla extract, and lemon juice, and beat just until combined.


2. Grease a heat proof 5-inch baking dish with olive oil and fill it with cheesecake batter. Cover with a piece of foil.

3. Pour 1 cup of water into the bottom of the instant pot. Put the trivet inside and place the covered baking dish on top.


4. Put the lid on and turn the valve to “sealing.” Press “pressure cook” (manual) and cook on high pressure for 4 minutes.


5. Once the cooking time is completed, let the pressure release naturally, approximately 12-15 minutes. Once the pin drops, open the lid and remove the cheesecake from the pot.


6. Let the cheesecake cool to room temperature, then transfer to the fridge to chill for about 3 hours. Top with your favorite berries or drizzle with melted chocolate (optional). Enjoy!


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