How To Make Almond Flour Pancakes


A long time ago, I used to eat steel cut oat pancakes. I used to adore them, the chunky consistency, the full body taste, and the chewy texture. While these aren’t as chunky, they came pretty damn close with the satisfaction. I don’t like those protein pancakes or those cream cheese pancakes that turn out more like crepes. I want a PANCAKE and there’s not all that much you can do to actually get what you wish on keto.

I sought out an adventure and wanted to figure out a way to get a very low carb version of the breakfast I missed. I came out with something that exceeded my expectations in every way. A bit fluffy, a bit heavy, all taste, and extremely filling. Top this with a knob of butter and some low-carb maple syrup and you are in for a decadent breakfast.



½ cup almond flour

½ cup flax seed meal

4 large eggs

5 tablespoons coconut oil

½ cup coconut milk

2 tablespoons erythritol

2 tablespoons butter

1 tablespoon coconut flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon nutmeg

½ teaspoon cinnamon




1. In a mixing bowl, add your almond flour, flax seed, erythritol, salt, and baking powder.


2. Mix the dry ingredients together well so everything is distributed evenly.


3. Add your 4 eggs to the mixture.


4. Mix everything together until a liquid consistency is achieved.


5. Add in 4 tablespoons coconut oil and the coconut milk. Mix it together well until it’s a slightly more liquid consistency.


5. Add your coconut flour and spices to the mixture and mix them in well until they are distributed in the pancake batter.


6. In a skillet, heat up 2 Tbsp. Butter and 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil. Wait until the butter starts to bubble well and is starting to turn brown.


7. Add 1/4 Cup of pancake mix at a time. Try to only cook 2 at a time. When I cooked 3, they did not cook as evenly as I’d have liked.


8. When the top starts to bubble, you know that side is ready. Flip it over with a spatula.


9. Cook on the other side until it’s browned and doesn’t fall apart.


10. Remove from the pan and enjoy!


11. Optional: I added Walden Farm’s Maple Syrup to these with a knob of butter on the top. They were absolutely fantastic.


This makes a total of 8 servings of Almond Flour & Flax Seed Pancakes. Each serving comes out to be 225.5 Calories, 20.42g Fats, 2.05g Net Carbs, and 6.43g Protein.


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