How To Lose Weight Without Exercise With Cinnamon Tea

Most programs to burn fat from any area of the body can be made up of three basic habits: a healthy diet, exercise, and a homemade, natural drink that helps burn calories. It’s how you can get good results in a short time.


Having these 3 habits is the key to achieving success when you want to lose weight and keep it off.


In the search for a supplement to lose weight, we found an excellent natural remedy that counts on anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and digestive properties which boost the metabolism so that it eliminates extra pounds.


If you already have your diet and exercise plan ready, but you still don’t know how to supercharge it, don’t miss the following treatment that helps burn fat naturally. This fat burning treatment takes advantage of the properties of cinnamon and bay leaf, which are known for the way they reduce inflammation and aid in digestion.


Mixing both ingredients to make a tea gives us an ideal drink to burn more calories, speed up the metabolism, and lose weight in less time.


Regular consumption of cinnamon and bay leaf tea is a way to help the body eliminate all those toxins, that it doesn’t need and that work against the proper functioning of our metabolism. Here's how to make the tea:



1 liter of water (mineral or filtered);

2 cinnamon sticks;

10 bay leaves.


Preparing this tea isn’t difficult. The only thing you need to do is boil the water with the cinnamon sticks and bay leaves.

When it reaches a boil, lower the heat and let it simmer for an additional 15 minutes. After that, remove it from the heat and let it cool before drinking.


Begin with a cup in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink two cups at most, during the day. By consuming it daily, it’s possible to lose weight in no time. Best of all is that it will help keep you from getting bloated thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory action, that reduces abdominal inflammation triggered by different factors.




Cinnamon has a chemical called coumarin, which can be toxic if ingested in large quantities. Therefore, this tea should not be taken more than the recommended dose. It’s also not recommended during pregnancy, or for those who have digestive problems, such as ulcers and gastritis, or who are taking antibiotics.


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