4 benefits of black coffe for weight loss

A large number of people around the world drink coffee first thing in the morning without even knowing its various health benefits. Number one – use of black coffee for weight loss has slowly and steadily made its word in the health industry.

Components in Black Coffee for Weight Loss

Coffee contains certain elements, which act as accelerators for weight loss like chlorogenic acid. This compound makes black coffee apt for weight loss [1].

When black coffee is consumed after dinner, what happens is that the presence of chlorogenic acid slows down the production of glucose in the body.

Also, consumption of black coffee is associated with significant improvement in blood cholesterol profile [2]. The process is only effective when the coffee is consumed black and sans milk or cream.

Black Coffee Suppresses Hunger Pangs

We have already discussed that black coffee contains caffeine which heightens metabolic activity along with increasing the energy level in the body.

The Energy Factor in Black coffee for weight loss

Black coffee is known as an efficient stimulant which heightens the metabolic activities of the body, keeping the body and mind energized and active due to which, you tend to burn more calories.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity, it was seen that consumption of caffeine with ephedra not only showed weight loss but also the reduction in blood cholesterol levels, attributed to reduced appetite and increased energy expenditure.

Black Coffee Reduces Body’s Water Content.

Have you ever noticed that sudden urge to urinate right after you have consumed your mug of black coffee?

The reason behind this is that black coffee possesses diuretic effect that increases urination and decreases the water content.

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