Yoona Plastic Surgery Before and After


Yoona’s first appearance was in 2005 when she became model on TVQX’s Music Video. Then, in 2007 her luck led her to be chosen as Girls’ Generation member. In the same year, 

Yoona also started her debut as an actress in the drama Two Outs in The Ninth Innings. In her next drama You are my destiny, she became the leading character and won several awards. Later, she always gets the lead role for dramas against the popular actor, like Kwon Sang Woo, Jang Keun Seuk and Lee Bum Soo. 

Her beautiful face becomes very familiar since she often appears not only in drama and stage but also in TV commercials. Yoona is one of the Korean actresses that is often discussed by media because of her perfect beauty. She even received recognition as the perfect face. Her look is too perfect that makes people keep questioning whether Yoona did plastic surgery to get that perfect beauty.

Yoona’s Nose Job

It has been rumored that Yoona plastic surgery procedures include a nose job. The procedure is quite common among celebrities and is often done to enhance the looks of the person. It is a surgical procedure that is done to alter the shape and size of the nose, usually to make the nose sharper and narrower at the nose bridge.

In photos of her before she rose to the limelight, Yoona has a nose that is slightly rounded at the tip. In her most recent photos however the nose is a lot sharper than it was a couple of years back. Yoona shot to fame in her teens and in those years, she was probably still developing.


The change in her nose is slight and may be as a result of maturing. We can however not take the nose job speculations for granted either as although slight, the transformation is enough to raise suspicion.

She Has New Face


Yoona’s childhood pictures have sprouted out in the media since the first time becoming Girls Generation member, while her current pictures can be found easily in various media. Her photos indicate that Yoona does not show her extreme change when she has money now. Paying attention to her pictures, the fact we find is that she has a cute and beautiful face.


It’s adorable that she was gifted natural beauty since she was a baby. But, as a normal woman, she requests more. The woman is not enough with being beautiful, but they should be the most beautiful. That’s why the rumor of Yoona plastic surgery appears among publics. It’s obvious that Yoona boosts some part of her face to look as more pretty among others. Begun from fan pictures about Yoona


childhood pictures that expose how she is before being famous, people found some changes in her face. Then they try to make her photos as the reference of finding evidence of Yoona plastic surgery. From those comparative images, Yoona current images show that she has smaller and more pointed nose than Yoona before plastic surgery. It’s like that she has reconstructed her nose become well-shaped nose to match it with her perfect face. She looks like someone who experienced rhinoplasty.

Yoona’s Jaw Reshaping Surgery

Another of the rumored Yoona plastic surgery procedures is a jaw reshaping procedure. Although the rumor is out there, it is still hard to believe that she underwent it.


It is a tedious procedure that involves a lot of pain and long recovery time. There is also no evident change in her jawline which makes it unlikely that she may have had the surgery.


Born Im Yoon-ah in May of 1990, Yoona is a South Korean actress and singer. She rose to fame in the entertainment industry as part of the girl group-Girl’s Generation.


Besides her success with the group, Yoona has been featured in prominent TV dramas that include 2008’s You are My Destiny and 2013’s Prime Minister and I. She is an award winning actress and singer whose amazing talent and great looks have earned a reputation in the industry.

Yoona’s Eyelid Surgery


The eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures done throughout South Korea. It is often done with different goals. Some do it for reconstruction of the eyelids, some do it to eliminate crows while others take to eyelid surgery to remove eye bags.


Yoona had some serious issues with eye bags. She also had the typical small Chinese eyes. In her recent photos, the eye bags are still there, so she probably did not have a procedure to remove them. Her eyes are however rounder than they were when she was just beginning in the industry. This could have been as a result of the procedure.

Her Shiny Forehead is Sign of Botox Injection


Then, let’s just give bold lining to the words to match it with her perfect beauty. Can you find anything wrong? It seems that Yoona’s face that goes very well with her corrected nose is also the new shape. From the rumor circulating among fans or via evercoream.com, Yoona did plastic surgery in her jaw. She gets jawline surgery that makes her surely more beautiful.


Another rumor is that Yoona has a correction in her bottom eyelids, but it’s not obvious, so it’s hard to justify that they are constructed by plastic surgery. They are possible as the result of getting fat eye injection. If not, it may be the makeup works. Botox injection is really something. It can work in any part of the body.


But, the common place for Botox is forehead. As another member of SNSD did, Sunny, Yoona seems to accompany her in the list of SNSD members who have got forehead injection. In her 2013 photos, which were regarded as yoona after plastic surgery, Yoona’s forehead was discussed that it became shinier and looked like the appearance of Sunny’s forehead.


It’s very different with either picture or appearance her previous drama. Finally, Yoona pictures reveal the rumor of her cosmetic procedure, but we have been waiting for the confession from Yoona. If it is a natural beauty, her makeup specialists should be given a lot of appreciation.


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