Tommy Tomlinson Weight Loss — Check Out the Biggest Story of His Life


Grab all the details on the weight loss of Tommy Tomlinson.


Being overweight is a big concern for many individuals. It has deteriorated people's health, compromised their self-confidence, and created various day-to-day difficulties in their lives.


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Tommy Tomlinson has spent his whole life writing stories of other people. He is an award-winning author; he served as a columnist for the 'Charlotte Observer' for a long time. But the writer has his own story to tell too, which he considers 'the biggest story' of his life.


Tommy's biggest problem in life was his overweight body, but he's now dealt with it, which he has described in his book 'The Elephant in the Room — One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America.' Here's how the author describes his weight loss journey.

Tommy Tomlinson Became Conscious About His Body After the Death of His Sister in 2014


A tragedy occurred to Tommy on Christmas Eve of the year 2014. He lost his beloved sister Brenda Williams, and he was heartbroken. Earlier that year, on his birthday on January 4, Tommy was surprised to find out he weighed 460 pounds!

The death of his sister led Tommy to contemplate on his own life and health too. From then, he decided to bring a significant change in his lifestyle.

Tommy Tomlinson Began to Take the Control of His Life and Health


Tommy Tomlinson started being disciplined in his eating habits and physical activities. In his book, he has written down the three main measures he started adopting in his life:

1. Find a way to measure the calories you eat and drink.

2. Find a way to measure the calories you burn.

3. Make sure that every day, number one is smaller than number two.


Tommy did implement these into his life, but it was not easy. He had a strong determination, willpower, and the willingness to really create a massive change in his life. And after lots of hard work, he succeeded.


Avoiding Fast Food Was the Major Factor in His Weight Loss Success

The main thing to take away from Tommy's book is his avoidance of fast food products. Majority of obesity-related problems in the world are caused due to consumption of processed and adulterated food products.

Tommy prioritized avoiding fast foods as a part of his weight loss plan. And it absolutely works. It is important to note for people wanting to lose weight that reducing eating amount is not going to be effective if you are not careful of what you are eating.


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