Lucie Donlan's Weight Loss Journey


After Lucie Donlan entered the 'Love Island' paradise in mid-2019, she became the most in-demand woman in the villa. But all the drama she so successfully caused did have that effect. If not, her figure surely did.

From well before entering the dating show, she was trying to maintain her figure in order to look her best and was still not stopping while the show ended. Because her weight did fluctuate within the time she was at the villa.

Lucie Donlan's weight loss journey started in the summer of 2017 when she was "stuck in a rut" and knew something had to change for her body. Under the guidance of her mother's friend's recommended sessions at Kapow Healthy Living, she lost a whopping 2 stone in just over a year. She gained the 2 stone back during the show and thus continued her routine afterward to lose it all. She also didn't drink during the time.

Weight Loss Secret Before the Show (2017): Training with Karen at 'Kapow Healthy Living' and 'Herbalife'

As it's widely known, Donlan is not only a surfer, she is also a surf coach and had modeling jobs in between as well. She documents in her blog that in late 2015 she "basically had no energy and at the end of the day I'd come home exhausted, eat a huge bowl of pasta and fall asleep on the bed."

In the mornings, she would stay under the blanket as long as she could and skip breakfast as well. She wasn't exercising and thought teaching people to surf and lying on the beach was enough of the exercise. But when she started noticing her clothes getting tighter, she started worrying about her weight. She was also just picked up by a modeling agency as well.

It was chance meetings that she described her mom, Celestine, bumping into one of her friends for a distant past who she hardly recognized "as she looked so amazing". Her mom then asked how she did it and got a card for a personal trainer the friend had been using. Celestine then told her to give it a go.

It was summer, and she writes, "As the surf coaching work dried up for the Summer, I decided to make an investment in myself and booked 12 sessions with the trainer my mum's friend had recommended, Karen at Kapow Healthy Living."

When she did meet Karen at her gym, she found a certain glow in her face and body despite being almost double her age. The training sessions started. The first one was particularly difficult for her, you know, first time, but Karen also treated her with a chocolate shake.

The Success: Losing 2 Stone in Just Over a Year

At the end of July 2017, she shared on Instagram that she'd lost about 2 stone in just over a year by training at Kapow Healthy Living and with such enthusiasm. She also mentioned how she'd reached "the perfect weight for me."

In the process, she also mentioned how healthy eating and regular exercise was all it took. She went from size 12 to size six during the period.

"I've been training with @kapowhealthyliving over a year now," she captioned the photo above. "The first picture is when I first started, and the last one is where I am now. In just over a year I have lost around about 2 stone, and I have now reached the perfect weight for me...for #mondaymotivation this is achievable through healthy eating and regular exercise!"

Six Months Just Before Love Island Had No Drinking As Her Motto, But Gained the 2 Stone Back During the Show

Donlan was adamant about looking her best when she came on the show. So, the New Year's resolution for 2019 was no drinking until the competition. For almost half a year, she went without drinking.

During 'Love Island Unseen Bits' in June 2019, she told the girls that she hadn't "had a drink since New Years Eve." Of course, dieticians say such drinks have high calorie value but zero nutritional value and just adds hunger is anything.

In terms of a change in diet, she's also told OK Magazine that she doesn't smoke or drink, resisting the temptation of partying as a celebrity. "When I was younger I'd always eat chocolates and pasta. When I started modelling at 17, I realised I needed to lose a bit of weight to be healthy. I don't drink or smoke, and I eat well and exercise."

However, the 2 stone loss might've been in vain as she gained it all during the show. And it wasn't for her lack of trying. But having cameras all around for drama means she hardly had the time. She had to just sit all day for the show.

Giving It a Go for the Second Time, She Announces Losing 2 Stone Since Leaving 'Love Island'

It wasn't known immediately after she left 'Love Island' that she'd gained the weight back. Although, it was kind of visible that her body figure had fluctuated before and after the time.

She continued her weight loss journey afterward, and within the next six months, she lost it easily again. On January 7, 2020, she shared on Instagram, "You're literally sitting around all day. You kind of do put weight on, so I did put a lot of weight on in there. But since leaving I've lost two stone. I'm at my happy weight again now, so it's all good."

Regardless, it is apparent since 2016 that she'd lost a significant amount of weight. Have you noticed her tummy size decreasing since that time to pop the other parts of her body? Yeah... Anyway, it all comes down to the result — she's reached her happy weight again and doesn't intend to go back or even further now.


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