Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Before and After


A look at her before and after photos indeed show that her looks have been altered quite considerably. Believing the truth in these rumors is therefore not hard. Being from South Korea which currently has a high number of plastic surgery cases and being a renowned celebrity, Taeyeon was bound to give in to the pressure of going for plastic surgery sooner or later.

A lot has been said about Taeyeon’s plastic surgery procedures some of which appear to be true while others may just be mere speculations. Want to know some of the procedures that she has done, well, let’s explore.

The Before And After


In a promotional shoot done for the girl’s group SNVD, the star’s jawline still looks a little wider than it now is. However, it is not clear whether that is from the structure of her jawbone. At this stage, the singer had also not gone through a nose job as her noseis still bulkier than it previously was. At the age of 20, Taeyeon had matured into a gorgeous young lady. A picture of her from Golden Disk Awards held in 2009 in which she was in attendance indicates that she had become even prettier. This aroused rumors that the star may have undergone cheek reduction surgery. Some critics also pointed out that this could have been the result of a weight loss.

Taeyeon plastic surgery is also speculated to include lip injections. This speculation is founded on her pre-debut pictures whereas she had thin lips. As a result, there are rumors that the star may have had lip injections in order to improve her look. The lip injections are particularly so as current photos show her lower lips to be thicker than before. The star has on numerous occasions denied the rumors of plastic surgery. But, her photos over time seem to suggest otherwise. For instance, her nose used to be flatter than it now is. It is thus clear that she underwent a nose job. Taeyeon wanted to make her nose balance with the rest of her face.

Taeyeon’s Nose Job

As with many celebrity plastic surgery cases, Taeyeon plastic surgery rumors have mentioned a nose job. The procedure is common among celebrities and is often done with the aim of changing the appearance of the nose to make it sharper and smaller for cases in which it was larger.


In her before pics, Taeyeon’s nose seems to be a lot flatter. Take a peek at her now. Boom! That nose is gone and in its place, an entirely different nose. The tip of her current nose is sharper than it ever was and her nasal bridge is much more refined than it is in the before pics.

The procedure was definitely a great move as it has worked well for her looks. Her nose is currently balanced with the rest of her facial features and she looks dazzling than ever.

Her fans have however protested these rumors attributing the change in her nose to use of makeup. It is hard to believe these explanations as her nose seems standard all the time. It sure takes some great skill to use makeup and get the same shape of nose every day.

Taeyeon’s Jaw Surgery

Another area that celebrities commonly target is the jawline. Most of them like sharp jawlines probably due to the fact that round jawlines make you look fatter and fuller. In the early days of her career, Taeyeon had fuller cheeks and a rounded chin.

There has however been a drastic transformation to these too. This also seems to be another of the Taeyeon plastic surgery procedures. Considering the outcome of the procedure, you can comfortably say that the plastic surgeon did a great job. She looks natural with her new jaw and is appealing too.

Born on the 9th of March 1989, Taeyeon is a renowned South Korean singer who debuted as part of the girl group Girl’s Generation. She has over the years risen to prominence with remarkable performance in the industry releasing commercial and critical successes.

Some of the songs she worked in include Rain, Blue Night of Jeju Island, I Got Love and Fine among several others. She has been successful both in her solo career and her career as a member of Girl’s Generation.


Like most Korean celebrities, it is also obvious that she has undergone eyelid surgery. She wanted to make her eyes appear bigger and sexier. Therefore, although she may deny the plastic surgery rumors, it is evident that she has grown prettier over the years. It is unfathomable that she can naturally transform herself through all these without turning to plastic surgery. Taeyeon plastic surgery including the numerous procedures she has gone through has improved her looks for the better. Fortunately for the star, the procedures she had have been augmented her looks.  That is usually not the case for a number of other celebrities.



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