Shannon Beador Before And After Weight Loss


Shannon Beador is famous as a cast member of the reality television series 'The Real Housewives of Orange County.' She's been a part of the show's cast since Season 9 and is currently a star of the series since then. Now the 15th season of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' and the drama in the show's keeping audiences entertained as ever.

Aside from the drama on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County,' Shannon Beador's weight loss has been a topic of interest for most of the viewers. Her 40-pound weight loss journey has intrigued many of the show's audience, and many people are curious about how she did it. So, how did she really do it? Let's find out.

Revealed – Shannon Beador Weight Loss Secrets

Shannon Beador’s IG profile reveals some tips about weight loss which she followed to lose 40 lbs of body fat. But, what exactly did she do to lose weight? Let’s find out!

Do keep in mind the deep analysis of Women’s Health Mag‘s with Obesity Specialist, Holly Lofton who has something to say about Shannon’s weight loss tips that are readily available on her Instagram posts.

30 Minutes of Exercise Per Day

Shannon’s fitness journey started with a thirty minutes workout every other day. The medical doctor also recommends working out; exercising for at least 150 minutes per week.

Lofton states that huffing and puffing during workouts is a good sign. It is a sign that your heart is in the aerobic zone, which is one of the key factors for weight loss.

A quick fact, Shannon, during her weight loss journey, tripped on a stair and sprained her right ankle.

Supplement Consumption

While Shannon believes in consuming supplements to increase the results of weight loss, Holly believes otherwise. What Holly believes is intaking a balanced diet.

Workout Partner

This method is 100% advisable. According to Lofton, there are studies that prove that having a workout buddy keeps you well intact with the fitness regimen you’re following.

Working out with Tamra Judge has surely helped Shannon lose weight, eh?

Shannon Learned Diet is Key

One thing Shannon learned during her weight loss journey is that Diet is key. It’s okay if you lift less, but if you cheat on your diet, you’ll never change.

It’s what you put into your body.

You can eat whatever you like whenever you like but always remember to put the right things in. There’s a famous proverb stating that it’s 80% diet and 20% workout. But, from her experience, she genuinely feels that it’s 90% or more diet. Why, you say?

Well, to the surprise of Shannon, she lost the last bit of weight when she skipped two weeks of exercise. Hence, eating clean is the key to weight loss!

If you eat clean, you are going to lose weight. And lose 40 pounds. When you start to see the results, then it’s like more motivation. Then you are just going to keep going.

Following her incredible weight loss journey, Shannon took the principles she used during her journey and used it in her QVC food line, Real for Real Cuisine.

You can have a protein, you can have a vegetable, and you can even have a little bit of starch. And have a satisfying and flavorful meal.

The celebrity continued,

Put seasoning on your food, you can put a sauce on your food. You just need to know what the ingredients are in those.  

Well, if it worked for Shannon, it will work for anybody, at least, that’s what she says.

How Did Shannon Beador Undergo 40-pound Weight Loss?

Shannon Beador has undergone phases of weight loss and gain over the course of her adult years. She disclosed in 2017 that she gained 40 pounds after dealing with the aftermath of her then-husband David Beador's affair. 'I knew an allegation was put out there about my husband … that stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more, and that's a huge part of why I gained my weight,' Shannon said during the season 12 premiere of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County.' 'I knew an allegation was put out there about my husband … that stress caused me to eat more, caused me to drink more, and that's a huge part of why I gained my weight.'

Shannon and David tried to make their relationship work out somehow, but it did not last. The couple separated in October 2017 after 17 years of marriage and finalized their divorce in April 2019.

After the separation, Shannon decided to lose weight and started eating a healthy diet. 'I try to eat clean, but then I also want to have fun,' she said of her diet, as per Us Magazine. 'I don't want to deprive myself. So, I make a few good choices and then some maybe [some] not-so-good.'

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'But I'm not going to lie, I've been having a lot of fun recently, and I have been going out, and you know, you gain a little back, but it's about enjoying life and creating a healthy balance,' she added.

Well, diet is not the only thing Shannon Beador changed in order to undergo weight loss. She also exercised regularly to burn extra calories that accumulated in her body and contributed to weight gain.

Shannon Beador Did Not Focus Much on Working Out

Shannon Beador exercised regularly to drop 40 pounds, but she's not actually fond of working out. She focused mainly on her diet to burn fat as she emphasizes most of the time that most of the weight loss can be achieved through proper diet. 'You just have to choose the right things to put into your body,' she says, as per Bravo TV. 'I always heard that it was 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, and yeah, do I have some flab that I want to tone up? Absolutely. But I think it's like 90 percent or more diet.'

Here's how workout helped Shannon Beador's weight loss: she exercised for 30 minutes per day. That was enough for her to drop weight; she did not have to undergo intense weight lifts and similar sorts of tough workouts. She made diet her main priority, and she succeeded.

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'I took the principles of losing weight that I followed to my food line, and that is that you can have a protein, you can have a vegetable, and you can even have a little bit of starch, and have a satisfying and flavorful meal,' Shannon says. 'You can put seasoning on your food. You can have a sauce on your food. You just need to know what the ingredients are in those.'

Shannon’s 40 lbs Weight Loss Revelation

At her highest, Shannon Beador was 172.2 lbs or 78.1 kg but, two years later, she slender down to around 130 lbs losing as much as 40 lbs or 18.14 kg during her weight loss journey.

The revelation came on July 2019, when US Magazine interviewed Beador. The mother of three daughters revealed that she lost 40 pounds but had a lot of fun along the way.

Shannon also opened up about her broken marriage and that she had had two years of hell starting 2017. But, now she’s all OK and rocking her new fit look.

The RHOC star said she realized that the hardest work was changing the insides and getting to the mental place where she knows she’s gonna be OK. In regard to her mental battle, her war against her weight was just a lot easier.

Following this, Beador again had a chance to speak with the same magazine’s reporter Brody Brown on Monday, August 5, 2019, where she revealed her secrets to weight loss. Her slim down secret is, wait for it, a changed attitude and perspective.

Shannon, hence, realized that she has to stop playing around and make a commitment to lose weight. One day, she woke up and she’s like ‘Enough, enough excuses.’ She thought to herself that it’s her life and she wants to be as healthy as she can.

The Ex-Housewife star remembered that she had 40% of body fat and it was really unhealthy. And so, began her weight loss journey!

Before all this, the TV personality hinted about her weight loss back on January 23, 2019, when she took to her Instagram to share a photo of her skinnier self. In addition to showing us her fit self, she also alerted her fans about the coming season of RHOC.

Even before her Instagram post, she had already revealed that she was more than halfway towards her weight loss goal. It was with Andy Cohen in 2017 in the Season 12 Reunion show that Beador revealed she had already lost as much as 25 lbs and still had 15 lbs to go to reach her fitness goal.


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