Scarlett Johansson’s transformations over years: Before and After

We know her as talented celebrity, superhero in “Avengers”, lovely mom and one of the hottest women alive. 35-years old Scarlett Johansson has it all: fame, successful career, money, and striking never-fading beauty.

She’s far away from standards of movie industry, but due to unique visage and silhouette are recognized as the most outstanding sex symbols of the century. Her key features are platinum blonde hair, irresistible smile, bee-stung sensual lips and radiant glow of skin. Resemblimg heavenly creature, she doesn’t give impression of being fragile or cold, rather alluring and seductive. Was ScarJo (nickname granted by fans) genetically blessed? Or does public enjoy results of a highly-paid surgeon efforts?

I definitely believe in plastic surgery

When ScarJo was only 20, she made this bold statement in one of interviews. Adding that “there is no fun in being an old hag” she helped rumors about her appearance even to become more intense.


Let’s get back to the way the actress was looking before nose job. It’s big and bulbous, way more eye-catching than on the pictures after 2001. She might have changed it at the age of 17 or 18. Due to a talented surgeon and his efforts eyes and lips became more remarkable, although no alteration has been done to them. Sex symbol is still furiously denying any fact of plastic surgery and once even decided to sue the magazine that had published an article about her transformations under knife.

Reshaped nose: visible proof

Scarlett Johansson is one of those women who are getting better with age (just like good wines). Already having acquired distinguishable features and promising facial characteristics from parents, she blossomed in 2001 and turned into lady.

Of course, appearance is changing with age, but even a blind person would notice difference between pics of 2001 and teenage portraits. It’s slight but, nevertheless, clearly visible. The work was minimal but helped narrowing her bridge and altered the tip. It resulted in harmony and balanced all other features. The bulky heavy tip was left in 00s, creating accurate delicate impression.

Blossoming beauty

Beginning of present era was the time of her thriving career. Receiving positive reviews from critics, attracting audience to cinemas, taking new complicated roles, being nominated for biggest awards multiple times… It was a golden period!

Like other celebs, she was getting unnecessary and unwanted attention. People started gossiping, accusing celebrity in nose transformations. Success always comes with things like this, rumors were inevitable part of the famous. Were they truthful at least a bit?

Evidence of nose job

Comparing pictures, the undeniable fact comes out: rhinoplasty was performed twice. Future sex symbol was cautious about altering visage significantly, so work had been done gradually in two steps. As a result, a cute button-like nose appeared.

In 2007 fact of surgery became apparent: with new hairdo opening face metamorphosis there was no place left for further denials. The sensual blonde was no longer an awkward teenager, she used cosmetological progress to shine and attract admirers.

Big pause before a new wave of evolution

There was almost 10 years gap before American diva was ready for another change. A lot happened during this period: marriage with Ryan Reynolds ending in divorce, a new romance with a Frenchman and childbirth.

The acting career continued and public had frequent chances to witness her annually appearances at numerous events and official ceremonies. Always stunning, smiling, staying faithful to minimalistic makeup and golden hair, celebrity wasn’t thinking about radical transformations until her pregnancy. In 2014 at London premiere of “Captain America” she amazed the crowd and journalist with gorgeous scarlet dress revealing advantages of her silhouette.

Were there more surgeries?

Society tends to believe in myth that celebrities visit clinics as willingly as normal people go shopping. Honestly speaking, it’s a huge exaggeration. The fact is every person devoting their life to acting at least once tried to improve facial imperfections.

Sex symbol of “Avengers” had to follow high standards to be competitive and get prestigious roles. Soon after the first alteration, she decided to go under knife again. In span of 4-5 years between 2001 and 2006 her tip changed.

Her later metamorphosis was shocking. Having gained respect among colleagues and started playing serious characters, American diva planned to alter her gorgeous breast.

Scarlett Johansson breast reduction: rumors and facts

The actress cannot be called skinny or slim, according to Hollywood standards. First, she is remarkable for a curvy figure, feminine shapes and large breast. The last were apparently reduced. Has she actually made something or is the secret in the dresses worn? Let’s find out.

When it comes to red carpet appearances ScarJo is not modest type. Everyone remembers stunning styles during “Match Point” premiere in 2005 and at the 2006 Golden Globes Awards. The actress has just found her retro glam niche (or has finally hired a pro stylist), and both dresses she wore had extremely low cuts offering a good observation of breast. The accent was definitely made on body, not visage. The world immediately has forgotten about nose job, because there were more piquant things to discuss.


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