Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos


Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

It seems that lately, several people have been discussing what may look to be like Rob Lowe’s plastic surgery. Everybody knows that the actor has what you call flawless looks, but they also have noticed that those looks really haven’t changed very much over the years, and since the actor is 50, that is a little odd. Most of the people who have been discussing his ageless appearance have also noted that cosmetic surgery appears to be the obvious.

” My Issue Isn’t About Physical Aging; My Issue Is About Wanting To Remain Vigorous And Youthful In My Spirit.”

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Rob Lowe was born on March 17, 1964 and his fame really began to take hold after his notable appearances in “The Outsiders,” “Oxford Blues,” and so many other great performances. Throughout his career, he has earned awards from the Screen Actors Guild Awards and he has also received Emmy nods, but on the other side of the coin, he has received negative awards like the Golden Raspberries as well.

Frozen and Unnatural Claims


His face really does look sort of frozen and a bit unnatural and it is topics like this that have pulled attention away from his achievements and in the direction of controversy. Even by looking at some of his before and after pics, you notice that he may have obtained a facial reconstruction and possibly some lip fillers. Another speculation that doesn’t really look as apparent is that many believe Lowe may have acquired eyelid surgery. Looking at those pics though, you can clearly see that he still has a good number of visible lines remaining, showing that the possibilities are debatable.


The eye area though for a man of 50 should not look as wide and fresh as they do on Lowe, and even though he still has visible lines on his eyelids, there should be more than what he has. The skin throughout his face is considerably smooth and significantly vibrant and youthful. He has aged gracefully, and for a man of his years, maybe a little too gracefully.


Allegations Denied


Lowe has recently gotten wind of these swirling allegations and the only thing that he had to say weren’t just words, in particular he gave off a few chuckles. He did, however, assure the public that his youthful appearance is due to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good genes and having really cool sons. Lowe has made it very clear that he has never undergone any type of cosmetic procedure in his entire life.


His lips and the region surrounding them look like they may have had some fillers injected into them. They do appear a little on the puffy side and the area around them simply look like they have basically reacted from the changes to the lips.


As far as the facelift is concerned, Lowe simply has what appears to be a few tale-tell signs, such as the kind of tightness that one would typically have associated with a facial reconstruction in a man who is at the age of 50.

If Done, Good Work was Performed


Rob Lowe’s plastic surgery is a matter that is a little tough to call, regarding whether or not that it actually happened. If it did, then the work assumed was done very professionally and nothing appears to be as if it was overdone or out of line.


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