Nicola Peltz Plastic Surgery — Her Transformation Throughout the Years


Nicola Peltz is quite a news material in recent times, be it with her acting endeavors or the romantic affiliation with her boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham. Find out all the physical transformation of the diva over the years.

The New York-based film actress Nicola Peltz rose to prominence quite young featuring in movies like 'Harold' and 'Deck the Halls.' As the daughter of a business tycoon and a billionaire, Nelson Peltz, the actress, is a multi-millionaire herself. Furthermore, the diva has a wide fan-following, credits to her accomplishments on-screen and in her personal life, dating, Brooklyn Beckham, the son of David Beckham.

As we see Peltz in the movies and on her Instagram pictures, all pretty and classy, you will be quite surprised to see her photos in the past. Not that she wasn't beautiful back then, but the 'Transformers' artist looked utterly different.


The drastic changes made many questions over her whether she did any plastic surgeries to attain this beauty? To date, Nicola hasn't admitted any under-the-knife processes, but is that the whole story? So, without wasting much time, let us look at the changes in Brooklyn's girlfriend Peltz over all these years.

The 2010 Nicola Peltz


The ten-year challenge on Nicola Peltz is quite shocking. Many would fail to recognize the 'Transformers' actress as the same person as well. The above picture is when she attended the Alice Olivia Spring Show in 2010, at the mere age of 15. Unlike her appearance today, her nose was quite wide, and the jaw shape is sharp as well.

The Beckham-girlfriend, who perfects her natural brunette hair, was on a dark chocolate color on that particular occasion. Not just the hair, the eyebrows look different like if it's tinted.


Nicola Peltz in 2011


Nicola Peltz, a teenager back in 2011, was already a star in the entertainment industry. Moreover, you would see her appear in movie premieres and public shows. The picture below was at the Betsey Johnson Fall in 2011, which makes you doubt even more on if the actress underwent any plastic surgery operation.

Relatively, her make-up was quite extensive to the one in 2010. However, comparing it to the present, it evidently displays how the diva's make-up game as developed over the years. Just like the previous one, her chin looks equally sharp and a bit longer with the wider nose.

A New Look in 2013


While Nicola Peltz was barely active in 2012, as she featured in only one movie, i.e., 'Eye of the Hurricane', which wasn't that big, she returned with a bang in 2013. Playing the central role of 'Bradley Martin' in the A&E's 'Bates Model,' the diva astonished everyone with her brand new look.


The changes were transparent, starting with blonde hair, which she wears to date. Likewise, her complexion looked quite perfect, with improved makeup as the teenager became a regular television star. It was then when people started questioning over whether Peltz went through plastic surgeries or any dermatological intervention to achieve that.


In addition to the complexion, it was the nose and the chin, which looked a bit refined and unnatural. Was it the makeup that made it different or any therapies? Whatever it was, the 2013 Nicola Peltz version was the one where fans started generating a crush on her.

More Classy in 2014-15


The daughter of Nelson Peltz, Nicola Peltz, owned all sorts of wealth to afford expensive surgeries to revamp herself. Although she claims her transformed looks as natural, the fans and the media often remain skeptical, especially after her appearances in the years 2014-15.

Back when Nicola walked the red carpet in the 2014 New York premiere of 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' her looks definitely made her more classy and sophisticated. The make-up was perfectly done, but the chin seemed unnatural if we are to compare it with her 2010-11 pictures. Contrary to the past ones, it doesn't look pointy and appear softer instead.


The 'Transformers' actress transformed her look, including her hair with natural dark roots. Although she never went back to dark black or chocolate, Nicola's face seemed oval rather than the original heart-shaped. Similarly, you could acknowledge the tip of the nose, which appear angular, not wide like it used to be.

Nicola in 2016


By every year, the looks of Nicola Peltz keeps on getting better and better. Thanks to her creative makeups, she added a little yellow to the blonde hair. Again, the chin looks much shortened than the last time around, which seriously got everyone questioning? But that shouldn't be a concern on how mesmerizing Peltz looked at the 'Marie Claire Fresh Faces Party' in 2016.


Besides the chin and nose, there were significant changes in her lips, which might be due to the intervention of a few plastic-surgery appointments. The 2016 picture of the Brooklyn Beckham's girlfriend displays a super-swollen lip, that in no way, looks like her pictures from 2010-2015. The actress undoubtedly looks even more beautiful, but she certainly refined those lips a little with some under-the-knife works.


Nicola Peltz's Bigger Lips in 2017-18


Worth around $50 million, Nicola Peltz could easily afford lip surgeries and all the possible plastic surgery works. Despite the fact that there is nothing concrete, pictures don't lie as Peltz's lips during the 2017 Women in Film pre-Oscar cocktail party looked even bigger. No disrespect to the heart of millions and her make-up, but considering her older self, the upper lip looked too big not to notice.


The celebrity girlfriend and David Beckham's potential daughter-in-law might have gone too far on refiguring her lips. Furthermore, the complexion looked relatively tanned while the nose tip was quite blunt and new.

Nicola Peltz in 2020


The year 2020 is going pretty well personally for Nicola Peltz since she is living the best version of herself with boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham. Regarding her looks, she is like a wine, the older it gets, the better it is.


The changes within the actress's physical appearance are visible, and that is not entirely natural. Notably, the pictures from 2010 and 2020 demonstrate significant changes in her nose, lips, and chin, which might have been a subject of dermatology intervention. Peltz recently posted a sexy snap with her soulmate, Brooklyn Beckham, whom she shares her house as they spent isolation against the COVID-19 crisis together.


The 2014 CinemaCon winner's latest work came in the pilot episode of the 2020 series, 'When the Street Lights Go On.' Even though the beauty denies the claims on her under the knife procedures, the drastic transformation over the years surely gives us a second thought for speculations.


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