Keto Smoked Salmon Filled Avocados


Smoked salmon-filled avocados are one of the most effortless keto lunches that you could make.  All you need is the salmon, sour cream, avocados, and seasoning!  This recipe is excellent for those of you who are doing keto on your own, as it’s just a single serving.  You can easily double, triple, or even quadruple this recipe to feed more people.

Keto Smoked Salmon Filled Avocados

The Preparation

1 medium avocado

3 ounces smoked salmon

4 tablespoons sour cream

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 tablespoon lemon juice

The Execution

1. Cut the avocado in half and discard the pit.

2. Place equal amounts of sour cream in the hollow parts of the avocado. Add smoked salmon on top.

3. Season with salt and pepper, then squeeze lemon juice over the top.


This makes a total of 1 serving of Keto Smoked Salmon Filled Avocados. Each serving comes out to be 517 Calories, 42.6g Fats, 6.7g Net Carbs, and 20.6g Protein.


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