Keto Fruit: 10 Healthy and Nutritious Fruits to Lose Weight


Wondering what low-carb keto fruit options you have available while on the keto diet?

Because of its high carb content, fruits are usually not on the keto menu – but there are some exceptions!

The most difficult part of the Keto diet is maintaining the state of Ketosis, where your body is burning fat for fuel and stops producing glucose.

This is because your body desperately wants to use glucose as a fuel source and it will try anything it can think of to make that happen.

So, your job as a Keto dieter is to only eat foods that don’t give your body the resources to create glucose and kick you out of ketosis.

Keto Fruit: What You Can Eat

We’ve put together this list of keto fruit that are low-carb and friendly to the keto diet.

1. Star Fruit


Star fruit is not a very common food option and something that a lot of people will be unfamiliar with.

All the more reason to give it a look and try out something new!


It has a very low amount of net carbs (the number of carbs your body will get from eating something) while also providing a lot of health benefits that you may struggle to get while on the Keto diet.


Star fruit is absolutely loaded with Potassium and vitamin C which are both very important minerals for your body and should help you when dealing with some of the side effects of a Keto diet.


Half a cup (54g) contains 2 grams of net carbs.


2. Tomatoes


You may be surprised to hear that tomatoes are actually a fruit.


We won’t get into the details of botanical classification here, but know that tomatoes are considered a fruit even though many think of them as a vegetable.


They are a super easy, low-carb option to add into your everyday Ketogenic meals to give yourself some variety and a new taste to play around with when planning your meals.


Not to mention, they also have a good amount of positive plant compounds to help round out your nutrition while on a Keto diet.


Half a cup (90g) contains 2.4 grams of net carbs.


3. Blackberries


Half a cup (72g) contains 3 grams of net carbs.


4. Lemons


A popular use for lemons is to flavor different foods that might be a bit bland on their own and you can absolutely continue to do that while on a Keto diet.


They have very few carbs and they are a fantastic source of a substance called pectin, which will do several great things for your body such as help to maintain stabilization of your blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and even help inhibit the growth of cancer cells.


One medium-sized (58g) contains 3.4 grams of net carbs.


5. Raspberries


Raspberries are one of the healthiest berries you can eat and they are extremely low in carbs.


They are so low in carbs that for every 123 grams of raspberries you eat, you are only consuming about 7 grams of carbohydrates, which means eating them frequently is extremely unlikely to knock you out of ketosis.


On top of that, they also provide lots of very healthy antioxidants and minerals that your body will appreciate.


Half a cup (61.5g) contains 3.5 grams of net carbs.

6. Avocados


Avocados are great for the heart.


They contain a lot of very healthy fats, which is often exactly what you are looking for on a Keto diet, and they also provide a decent source of Potassium and vitamin C which should help with the Keto flu when you are first starting your Keto journey.


Avocados are actually not just high in healthy fats, but those fats are actually very good for your heart, so working some avocados into your ketogenic meals will help to enhance the health of your heart and further compound the health benefits you are already working toward while on the Keto diet.


One medium-sized (201g) contains 4 grams of net carbs.


7. Strawberries


Strawberries are the first berry of this list and they are a fantastic choice for a snack while you are in ketosis.


They have a small number of carbs while also having a large amount of fiber and as a berry, they also give you a good source of important antioxidants that you would be hard-pressed to find from another food source while on a Keto diet.


Half a cup (76g) contains 4.5 grams of net carbs.


8. Watermelon


Watermelon is another one you will have to be careful with, but as long as you are conscious of your daily carb limits when you are choosing to eat watermelon you should be fine.


They are a really good source of lycopene which provides a lot of benefits as an antioxidant.


Half a cup (77g) contains 5.7 grams of net carbs.


9. Peaches


If you live in the south then you are almost certainly familiar with peaches and have probably eaten quite a few in your life.


They are an excellent choice if you get a craving for fruit while on the Keto diet for many of the same reasons that star fruit is a good choice.


They also provide a good source of Potassium and vitamins that your body needs to function at a high level.


Half a medium-sized (75g) contains 5.85 grams of net carbs.


10. Cantaloupe


Cantaloupe does come with a lot of minerals that will be useful to you on a Keto diet, but you have to be careful because the carb content of a cantaloupe is a bit higher than the other options on this list.


You will want to severely limit the amount of cantaloupe you are eating if you decide to work it into your keto diet and maybe only choose to partake in it on days when the rest of your meals will be particularly low in carbs.


Half a cup (88.5g) contains 6.2 grams of net carbs.


Keto Fruit: The Verdict


Being on the Keto diet doesn’t mean you have to give up all fruits.


There are a lot of different fruits you can play around without having to worry about ruining your ketosis and having to start from scratch again.


In fact, there is quite a bit of argument that you should work fruits in where you can so that you can benefit from the health benefits that only they can provide.


Reducing carb intake doesn’t mean your body won’t benefit from a healthy balance where you can manage it for other minerals.


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