Keto Egg Muffins — Best Low-Carb Recipe for Breakfast


Savory, low-carb Keto Egg Muffins are a great quick-and-easy breakfast.

If you’re on a Ketogenic Diet or perhaps a low-carb diet then you might find that you run out of suitable options for filling, delicious and nutritious recipes.

This gluten-free low-carb recipe is a good example of something that is easy to make and good for all the family to enjoy – especially for breakfast.

Eggs are staples in the Ketogenic diet because they’re extremely low carb and high in protein.

They’re also versatile so there’s a lot you can do with them.


This Keto-friendly recipe is an example of what you can do with the humble egg.


The recipe is also something that you can make in advance so you just whip one out when you fancy a Keto-friendly snack.


We promise you that even your friends and family not on any form of diet will love these keto egg muffins!

What You’ll Need


Making these takes just 25 minutes including preparation and cooking time, it’s always best to be prepared!


It’s time to get down to your local supermarket and stock up with the following ingredients so you can make them whenever you’re ready.


You’ll need the following items and ingredients to make twelve delicious muffins:

A wire rack


Non-stick cooking spray or Keto-friendly cooking oil (to make sure that your egg cups slide out easily)


90g / 3.2 oz of sweet potato, shredded


65g / 2.3 oz of cheddar cheese (grated)


Six strips of bacon, crumbled


Ten large eggs


20ml of semi-skimmed milk


One teaspoon of salt


Three grinds of freshly ground black pepper


A muffin tray (at least ten holders)

How to Make Them


First, pre-heat your oven to 220 C / 430 F (adjust accordingly if you have fan or fan-assist)


Then, take a standard size muffin tray (with room for at least 10 muffins) and spray lightly with your cooking spray


Next, it’s time to divide up your sweet potato, bacon and cheese ingredients equally into the bottom of each muffin holder


Crack your eggs into a generously sized mixing bowl


Add the semi-skimmed milk


Add the salt and grind in the pepper


Whisk the mixture until everything is blended well.


Next, you pour equal amounts of the mixture into each muffin holder, on top of the ingredients that you’ve already placed so that each holder is approximately ½ full. If you have any mixture leftover just top up each muffin holder but be careful not to go over the ¾ full mark.


Now it’s time to bake!


Place your muffins on a tray in the middle of the oven.


Allow your muffins to bake until they are lightly brown around the edges. This will take approximately 12 to 14 minutes, depending on your oven speed.


Remove from the oven and allow to cool down on a wire rack (this should take two or three minutes).


Then, carefully run a butter knife lightly around each muffin holder. This should loosen up your muffins so you can remove them easily.


Serve your muffins warm or enjoy them cool, it’s up to you!

Breakfast Egg Muffins Nutrition


Our recipe makes 10 breakfast egg muffins.


One breakfast egg muffin contains the following nutrition:


Calories 199 kcal


Protein 15.8g


Carbs 1.1g (super low carb!)


Fat 14.5.g

Serving Ideas for Egg Muffins


Low-carb keto muffins are ideal served on their own but you can easily serve them with plenty of other options to make a real meal of them!


Serve with a selection of low-carb green vegetables for a wholesome meal

Prepare with or without bacon and serve with a juicy steak

Try your low carb egg muffins served with a side of cooked, sliced mushrooms and some fried onions (using a low-carb cooking oil)

At breakfast, try serving with giant grilled beef tomatoes

So there you have it!


There are a multitude of tasty options for eggs muffins and all are ideal for all the family, perfect for a tasty meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The possibilities are endless and you can, of course, try your own combinations, change up your cheese or switch out your bacon for a different Keto-friendly lean meat (turkey or ham make good substitutions).


All that’s left is for you to dig in…


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