Joy Behar Plastic Surgery — How Much Does She Like It?


Grab the details related to the plastic surgery of Joy Behar.

Joy Behar recently made a decision to take a break from co-hosting the ABC daytime talk show 'The View' for about a week due to increasing fears of CoronaVirus contamination. The fact that there is a high risk of the disease being fatal for the people of her age group made the TV personality concerned about her health, which is why she considered staying away from the crowd for a while.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been grappling the world in its hands, there has been an increased number of searches about the virus. But for some of you who are curious to know more about the private life of the 77-year-old host, we have compiled a bit of information on her plastic surgery. Keep on reading to find out.

Joy Behar Plastic Surgery

Joy Behar's role as a talk show host means that cameras are continually surrounding her while she does her work. This exposure to the public prompted the star to think a little about her appearance. With her elderly age, wrinkles and skin-sagging common; such features on her face make her more concerned, which is why she often seeks the help of cosmetic procedures to make some changes.

Joy Behar is Fond of Botox

Joy Behar is fond of Botox that she uses make changes to her aging looks. She pointed out her facial lines to highlight the necessity to use such procedure to modify her looks, saying 'For the 11's,' in an article in New York Times.

Joy Behar takes the Botox injections every several months to keep minimize the facial lines and wrinkles.

Joy Behar Wore Sunglasses on an Episode of 'The View' after Her Cataract Surgery

On some episodes of 'The View,' Joy made appearances wearing dark-colored glasses. The co-host explained the reason for her to appear on the show like that was that she underwent cataract surgery on one eye.

Joy Behar seemed pleased with the procedure and recommended it to her audience too. 'It was fine. I recommend it. It really is an easy procedure,' she said.

The fellow co-host of the show made some remarks on her new look, saying she looked 'very French, like in a French movie.'

Joy Behar is Married to Steve Janowitz

Joy Behar tied the knot with Steve Janowitz on August 11, 2011. The couple was in a relationship with each other since 1982. They were engaged in March 2009, but Joy called it off three months later as she did not want people to talk about it a lot. However, Joy and Steve later did get married.


Joy's first husband was the college professor Joe Behar. The couple remained married from 1965 to 1981, for nearly 16 years, and they share a daughter, Eve Behar, born in 1970.





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