Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss — The Full Story

Grab all the details on the weight loss story of 'Joker' actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix is a global superstar now, with his fame reaching the heights from his role in the hit movie 'Joker.' His performance in the film got him collecting all the major awards in 2020, notable ones including an Academy Award, a Golden Globes, and a BAFTA Award. All of these was possible with the amazing team of directors, writers, cast and most importantly the support of his fiancee.

Well, the role in 'Joker' was the most significant breakthrough in Joaquin's career. It gave the actor worldwide recognition since the movie made a global cumulative gross of over $1 billion. But to play in the film 'Joker,' Phoenix had to make some sacrifices for portraying the character.

Joaquin Phoenix Lost 52 Pounds in Weight For The Role of Joker

While watching 'Joker,' you may have got a little uncomfortable feeling in the scenes in which Joaquin is shirtless. His abnormally thin body must have given you goosebumps. Did you not ever wonder why he had such frightening body shape?

Well, the creators of 'Joker' wanted the titular character to have an emaciated and socially unhealthy appearance.

But the weight loss had some consequences on Joaquin's mental health. The reason lies behind the time period within which Joaquin lost these 52 pounds, a mere 2-3 months. Although the actor was under the supervision of certified medical personnel, experts say such dramatic weight reduction is 'extreme and dangerous.'

The Extreme Weight Loss Affected Joaquin's Mental Health

The extreme weight change affected Phoenix's mental health severely. The actor may have developed an eating disorder as he was found to report the feelings of fatigue, social isolation, and obsessiveness about food and weight.


In an interview with People, Joaquin told about his horrible experience: "As it turns out, that impacts your psychology, and you really start to go mad when you lose that much weight in that amount of time."


Medical professionals warn people to stay away from such drastic measures for immediate weight loss, as the effects may even be life-threatening such as prone to heart attacks and severe cardiovascular problems.


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