Jerod Mixon Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know


Grab all the weight-loss details of the American actor, comedian, writer, and producer Jerod Mixon.

Jerod Mixon is best known for his role as 'Weenie' in 'Old School.' He is the older brother of actor Jamal Mixon, who is widely recognized for his portrayal of the character 'Ernie Klump Jr.' in the film 'The Nutty Professor.' He also produced and starred in the comedy rap film 'White T.'

One of the most distinctive features of Jerod Mixon, besides his decent acting career, is, unfortunately, his weight. His weight has been a highlight for most of his life and has been a cause of concern for his health and well-being throughout his adult life. He's tried weight loss multiple times, details of which we compiled below.

How Did Jerod Mixon Undergo Weight Loss?

For most of his adult life, Jerod Mixon has been struggling with weight issues. He was always an overweight person, and it had a significant impact on his professional and personal life. And it was not always pleasant.

In addition to the usual fat-shaming he experienced from people, Jerod Mixon also had difficulty in getting acting roles. He considered weight loss in the past, but he could not commit to it. Many did not want to cast him due to his body size, and almost all the roles he used to play were 'fat guy' roles. He rarely got to play any other types of characters than that.

Other than the professional impact of his weight, Jerod's body size was becoming a more pressing issue for his health. As the years went by, he gained more weight, and correspondingly, a heavy toll on his health and well being. It eventually reached a point when his obesity began to threaten his life, and the only option was weight loss.

Seeing he needed to act quickly, Jerod Mixon made a tremendous change in his lifestyle. He began to eat healthy food items and got rid of all the processed and junk food from his diet. He even limited his alcohol intake and avoided food high in carbohydrate and sugar content completely.

For effective weight loss, Jerod Mixon also supplemented his healthy diet with the intense workout he did on regular intervals, and doing so for quite a few months, he began to slim down gradually. It took extra few months to drop extra weight, but he did it. At last, his perseverance really paid off.

A Little About the Personal Life of Jerod Mixon

Jerod Mixon was born on May 24, 1981, in Port Hueneme, California, USA. According to IMDb, he has 26 acting credits to his name. Some of the prominent works he's been involved in include 'Me, Myself & Irene' (2000), 'Old School' (2003), and 'The New Guy' (2002).

Jerod Mixon has also worked with his brother Jamal Mixon on some projects. The two co-starred with an ensemble cast in the movie 'The Cookout' with Queen Latifah and Danny Glover, in which they play twins named 'Willie' and 'Nelson.'


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