Jameis Winston Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!


Jameis Winston continues to impress football fans with his amazing weight loss. Grab all the details right here.

Jameis Winston is one of American football's finest assets, who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints. Like most of the teenager's dream, the quarterback also aimed high to play in the NFL and worked extremely hard to achieve the goal. While he initially rose to prominence among the scouts by leading Florida State Seminoles to the state championship as a junior, the Alabama born athlete was the round one pick one of the 2015 NFL drafts, which definitely made him a star already. 

As the round one pick for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the quarterback spent four years for the club before signing for the New Orleans Saints in 2020. Thanks to his immense talents in the sport, Winston signed a one-year contract with the New Orleans side with a salary of $952,000. Despite making a big sum of money, the youngster keeps himself focused when it comes to fitness and health. A big part of his accomplishments came from his immense work out in the past, which helped him cut down a significant amount of weight. So, stay right here as we take close on how the athlete actually got so slim in so little time.

Jameis Winston's New Look After Losing 20-Pound


There is a reason why Jameis Winston is a megastar in the NFL today, and it is not just limited to his talents and skills, but also due to his massive dedication and determination. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback lost around 20 pounds in the off-season of 2016, just a year after his debut. Unlike most of the sports athletes who enjoy their vacation without caring much about diet or exercises and return to the training fat, Jameis Winston spent the offseason back then with immense work and returned back stronger than ever.

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As per an Instagram post from his renowned trainer Tim Grover, the major reason for Winston's success was his work ethic. Furthermore, he wrote, 'You want extraordinary results, you need an extraordinary work ethic.' Not just that, he even added on how the fitness regime and the motto to slim down continue for them even if Jameis lost around 20 pounds that summer.

The Athletic writer Greg Auman tweeted on how Mike Evans asked Winston, saying, 'Where's the belly?' The pictures were viral on the internet as it demonstrated massive changes as his big flat stomach became a hot six-pack. After getting a lot lighter, he was ranked 57th by the peers and teammates in the category of NFL Top 100 Players of 2017. In November 2016, the American became the youngest player to pass for 40 touchdowns back then.

Jameis Winston's Special Diet Help Him Lose Weight

All the weight-loss enthusiasts are aware of the fact that it is impossible to slim down and drop some pounds without the combination of proper exercise and diet. Although most of his secrets to drop down were a secret, Jameis Winston did go on a no-carb summer, where he sacrificed most of the food items which had carbohydrate in it.

For someone who ate potato chips a lot, it was an uphill battle for Jameis Winston, who actually cut down chips completely and stopped eating after 7 PM. When he reported to the training camp in July 2016, the New Orleans Saints player surprised all of his teammates and the fans.

Winston was very grateful to his personal trainer, Tim Grover, whose expertise in the sports and fitness sector is quite impressive. In fact, he previously worked alongside the NBA legends, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to get them on top of their game.


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