How to make Spinach and Cheddar Scrambled Eggs


This is a breakfast staple for me, where it’s my go-to a lot of the time. It’s fast (only takes about 10 minutes), tastes great, and it’s packed full of nutrients.



4 large eggs

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon heavy cream

Pinch salt

Pinch pepper

4 cups fresh spinach

½ cup cheddar cheese



1. Crack your 4 eggs into a bowl or container.

2. Add 1 Tbsp. heavy cream to the mixture with some salt and pepper to taste.

3. Mix them up so that there is still some egg white showing in the mixture.

4. Get a large pan and turn to high heat. Add 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil.

5. Let the olive oil get to smoking point, and add your spinach.

6. As it’s sizzling away, add some salt and pepper. Make sure you are stirring it frequently as it can burn if you are not careful. Once it has reduced down, turn your heat to medium low.

7. Add your egg mixture to the spinach.

8. Slowly stir the eggs when the bottom sets.

9. Add your 1/2 Cup of cheddar cheese and stir that deliciousness in.

10. Once the cheese is starting to melt, get it on a plate.

It might look like the eggs are a little undercooked, but as they are resting, the eggs will cook through. If you need to up the fat content, you can add some ranch to these – it’s fantastic.


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