Gemma Atkinson Before and After Boob Job


To a number of celebrities, rising to stardom comes with a desperate need to look gorgeous. It therefore did not come as a surprise when allegations about Gemma Atkinson boob job came up.

Gemma is likely among the celebrities who have seen the need to seek surgical help in their quest for beauty. Gemma is one of the few celebrities that talk openly about their plastic surgery procedures. Thanks to her opening up, we do not have to speculate anymore about the procedures and instead talk about them knowing what procedures they have undergone.


Gemma was born in Bury, Greater Manchester and is an English ex-glamor model and actress. She is most renowned for playing a role  in Hollyoaks where she portrayed Lisa Hunter. She was cast in the show between 2001 and 2005. Gemma was also featured in the show’s spin off series: 2004’s Hollyoaks: After Hours, 2005’s Hollyoanks: Let Loose and 2006’s Hollyoaks: In The City. Gemma is also popular for playing  in Casualty in which she played the role of Tamzin Bayle.

Even though she has had a successful streak in the acting scene, Gemma’s breakthrough role was in Hollyoaks. It is her performance on the show that gained her fame and put her  in the spotlight. Following the success of the show, she had a prolific career and was cast in various other projects, both on TV and film.

Gemma Atkinson Before and After Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Gemma, being a model, her figure was a very important feature that she had to work on. Given the breast size she had early in her career, she knew she had to do something about it. She opted for a boob job to alter the shape and the size of her breasts.

A boob job is a procedure that is aimed at enhancing the looks of the breast. It can either increase the size of the breast, for instance using implants or reduce the size of the breast if, in any case, it is too large. The procedure can also be used to transform the shape of the brace like making  it rounder and looking fuller.

This is the procedure that Gemma went through to transform herself into the beauty queen she currently is. Not saying that Gemma was not beautiful before, only that she has added on to her beauty with the procedure.

The before and after photos of Gemma Atkinson show her with a small breast that hardly stood out of her body. She then had the procedure that has since enhanced her looks considerably. Gemma had the size of her boobs boosted to an incredible 32E cap. The procedure was carried out somewhere around 2006. It was a successful cosmetic surgery that has really impacted positively on her modelling career.

In an interview, Gemma stated that she had a breast enlargement surgery when she was younger and that she was happy about it. She has, however, maintained that she would never consider altering her face through plastic surgery and that she has never liked the idea of Botox.


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