Full Story on Post Malone Weight Loss


Grab all the information related to the weight loss of the singer and rapper Post Malone.


Post Malone's fame as a singer has exploded in recent years with hit songs like 'Rockstar,' 'Psycho' and 'Congratulations.' His albums have been dominating the Billboard 200 list in the last few years as the albums 'Hollywood's Bleeding,' and 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' debuted number-one in the charts.


Post Malone's music, which he describes as 'genre-less,' draws a wide variety of audiences and has played an essential role in his success. He blends several genres to create a unique style of music, which has helped his songs get to the top of the charts. This approach to creating songs has made him succeed in selling over 65 million records in the US alone.


Post Malone is the recipient of several awards. His accolades include three American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award, and an MTV Video Music Award. He earned six Grammy Award nominations during his career and a Diamond certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for 'Congratulations.'


Well, people do not seem to be interested only in the 24-year-old singer's achievements over the years. The fans of the singer will be more eager to learn about his personal life too. Since his rise to popularity in 2015 from the release of his debut single 'White Iverson,' fans have been noticing a significant change in the singer, not solely on his career but in his body changes as well.


Rumors are surrounding Post Malone that he underwent weight loss, and is the subject of many Reddit threads. So let's delve deeper into the matter to get an insight into what exactly is correct.


Did Post Malone Really Undergo Weight Loss?


Most fans think that the singer must be undergoing some form of weight loss. But there is no concrete evidence available to prove that. Well, it may merely be how he dresses up, or rather it might be only the perceptions of people.


After being a star, Post Malone may have been started to get a little conscious about his body, but there seems to be no significant change in his body shape. The singer has a well-built body and has no necessity to go through extensive workouts to maintain his shape.


On the other hand, Post Malone must be going through a little bit of body maintenance, albeit not a notable change. The singer's routine may involve simple exercises and a little restriction in what he's eating at times. And that is enough to keep your body off from obesity. After all, with loads of money he has earned from his fame, he can hire a well-reputed nutritionist and go to a well-equipped gym with well-qualified fitness instructors to guide him in helping him achieve a healthy and fit body.


Post Malone Denies Drug Use after the Incident of Him Falling into the Crowd on New Year's Eve


Post Malone has denied the drug fears after a video of him stumbling, falling, and rolling on the floor went viral on the Internet. Fans expressed concerns for the well-being of the singer since the clip shows the singer unable to keep his balance and frequently falling on the floor while performing the song 'I Fall Apart.' Here's a clip of the incident.


Another a fan video also emerged, which showed his eyes rolling back in his head and crawling across the stage, prompting fans to worry if he had been under the influence of drugs. The rapper, however, dismissed the rumors saying, 'I'm not on drugs, and I feel the best I've ever f*****g felt in my life.'


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