Full Story on Jonathan Antoine's Weight Loss Journey

One half of the famous duo of 'Jonathan and Charlotte' from 'Britain's Got Talent', Jonathan Antoine, went through an inspiring weight loss journey. Let's dive right into the details.

English tenor, Jonathan Antoine, can be identified as a classical male singer, famous from his time at the reality show, 'Britain's Got Talent'. Antoine, indeed was a gem of a talent, finishing second in the competition with Charlotte Jaconelli to dancing dog act of Ashleigh and Pudsey. Following the two-year-long journey at the talent show, Jonathan pursued a solo career, which was quite successful as well, with multiple albums like 'Perhaps Love,' 'Together,' and 'Tenore.'

Known for a diverse musical taste such as operatic, contemporary, and musical theater, Jonathan Antoine, was just 17 years old when he gave one of the finest semi-finals and finals performance to get the UK viewers and his career soaring high alongside partner Charlotte. Just a day after the final, the pair received a lucrative deal of $1 million recording contract with Syco. Nicknamed, 'Stavvy', he released two albums when he was just 20.

Jonathan Antoine Went Through Depression Due to His Weight

While Jonathan experienced so many highs in a juvenile age, there have been many lows as well. Be it within his high school days or the time on the TV show; he faced several criticisms on his excessive weight. The bullies even hurt him big time, leading the tenor to depression and suicidal thoughts.

The classical vocalist credits 'Britain's Got Talent', saying how it saved his life. Before the appearance in the show, he was at a point of self-harming from all the bullies on his dresses and looks. He was overweight since his childhood, and it was the only feature that made him stand out from the crowd.

"Kids can be really horrible, and they would pick on me about my weight. It really damaged my confidence."

Jonathan even went to different psychiatrists to get his self-esteem back, which gradually got him better. Then, his best friend Charlotte urged him to partner her in an audition for 'Britain's Got Talent', and the rest is history!

Jonathan Antoine Against His Boss on Losing Weight and Following Diets

Following a global exposure from 'Britain's Got Talent', there were different propositions for Jonathan Antoine to join several labels. The 25-year-old who battled a throat infection in the past was adamant that he would instead turn down a multi-million deal from Simon Cowell than to lose his weight.

Antoine used to be proud of his original self, and if someone told him to change his image, he would rather bid a farewell to that person instead. According to the singer, diets were never his style. However, Simon only wanted Antoine for his on the stage talents, and everything falls in place for the duo to make way for bigger things.

Jonathan Antoine Lost 56 Pounds

While Jonathan Antoine initially felt losing weight as pointless, he signed with 'Weight Watchers' in 2012. Even though he didn't take the prudent measures seriously, he finally got serious in April 2013. At that time, he weighed around 280 pounds, a reason for his low confidence.

Unlike the past times, no one in the music industry or the talent show criticized him for his weight. Neither did anyone force him to lose it. It was the singer alone who wanted to loosen up a little for himself to feel better from within and be healthy. According to the 2012's elite 'Talent', he never thought of an ideal size to maintain but just wanted to be healthy and free from diseases.


The excessive diet plan and hectic workout schedules eventually paid off. The vocalist managed to lose around 54 pounds just within four months, in October 2013. It was just before he launched his debut album under Simon Cowell; he lost a stone, which made him even more confident heading forward.



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