Clare Crawley Plastic Surgery - Why Do People Think She's Done It?



Find out if Clare Crawley underwent plastic surgery to change her physical appearance.

Everyone recognizes Clare Crawley as the runner-up of the 18th season of 'The Bachelor,' hosted by the first Latino star Juan Pablo Galavis. Even though she failed to win Juan's heart, she won the admiration of many of the viewers, and expected her to come back to the show in the future.

A hairstylist by profession, Clare is set to return to the television as the lead of the 16th season of 'The Bachelorette.' She is going to be 38 years of age during the filming of the show, which makes her the oldest lead cast in the history of the franchise.


Regardless of her age, which frankly is a history in the making, we are expecting an exceptional performance from her in the series, which we hope she will deliver with the same youthful energy and enthusiasm as she did in her previous appearances of the other installments of the reality television show.


Well, 'The Bachelor' is not the only part of the Bachelor universe Clare Crawley has participated in. She also made appearances on seasons 1 and 2 of 'Bachelor in Paradise,' and on 'Bachelor Winter Games.' So Clare is well-acquainted with the environment there, and she is expected to give an impressive performance in the coming 2020 season of 'The Bachelorette.'


Did Clare Crawley Really Go Under the Knife To Modify Her Appearance


People are recently spreading rumors that the $1 million holder underwent plastic surgery. But there are no hard facts to solidify the claims. They speculated that she must have gone under the knife after Clare made an appearance on an episode of the 2015 season of 'Bachelor in Paradise.' They were surprised to see no change on her looks despite her appearance on the show after a long gap of time, the time in which the fans expected some aging changes in her facial features.


One of the audience took to Twitter to comment on her alleged plastic surgery supposition.


"I always liked Clare. But something is strange with her face tonight. Like maybe Botox or something," one viewer tweeted. Another one posted, "What's up with all the plastic surgery Clare has had?!"


These kinds of rumors surrounding 'The Bachelor' star have raised questions among many regarding her facial looks.


What is the Doctor's Opinion on the Matter?

According to a plastic surgeon/expert Dr. Tal Roudner, who shares his analysis of the issue, the 36-year-old does not seem to have undergone any significant cosmetic modifications. He elaborates by saying:


Clare doesn't seem to have gotten too much work done, however, it appears she's had Botox on her forehead lines because of the shape of her brows and also frown lines. There's a possibility that she's had minor fillers in her upper cheeks, jawline, and chin since her overall appearance is warmer and softer now than it was in 2014. She's getting better with age!


Maybe, Clare did not undergo any surgical procedures at all and maintained her previous look through a healthier lifestyle. She's known to incorporate yoga and exercise with diet as well as with frequently traveling to just plain enjoy nature.


What's Clare Crawley's Say on the Subject?


Apart from the public's opinion on the matter, the reality TV star had her own say in this. She denies all of her the plastic surgery gossips and claims her physical looks to be natural. She took to Twitter to share this message, and received adoration from lots of her followers, with one of them praising her for 'hotter than ever' look. She often laughs it up when someone insinuates something regarding her looks.


Well, if the person herself is asserting the fact that her appearance is a natural one and there's no clear evidence, then there's no reason to not believe she's all natural. She may have gone through some minor modifications, but those kinds of stuff do not matter as long as it's not something stupid like what we get to witness these days.




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