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Brianna lost 112 pounds. We have been following her transformation story since 2017. Not only has she maintained her successful transformation with healthy eating habits and exercise, but she became a certified personal trainer and joined the program that helped her change her life as a fitness coach. Check out her update.

Starting weight: 287 pounds (May 1, 2017)

Current weight: 175 pounds


2020: A year of true reflection. This year gave me time to be thankful for where I am on my weight loss journey. What started out as such a crisis and a low place has turned into a place of light, hope, and impartation.


I would never have imagined that May 1, 2017, would change my life forever. I am forever thankful and still mind blown at the fact that the nearly 300-pound woman I had become saw enough value in herself to decide to transform and renew her life.


My current weight is 175 pounds. The key to my success was using my journey to help others by becoming a fitness coach and being intentional about my new lifestyle of total wellness. I am not the same person. I have grown, and my new lifestyle depends on my intentional choices. Consistency is also powerful in terms of maintaining long term success. You control your narrative, and knowing that is more powerful than any workout.

My top tips; Make the sacrificial time, accept adaptive lifestyle changes and know that you are the catalyst for the change you want to see. Whether you have a good or bad week is contingent on the choices you make.


Today, I can say I have worked with more than hundreds of women in their pursuit to make their health and wellness a priority. Following my weight loss journey, I was asked to be part of the dynamic transformation team at Reggie C Fitness in Houston, Texas. While maintaining and balancing the new life that I had stepped into, I obtained my CPT certification and interned as well. Currently, I have multiple roles as an Accountability Coach and Fitness instructor at Reggie C Fitness for boot camp classes, cycling classes, personal training, and small group weight training.


When I started my journey, I promised God that I would give back to others who are embarking on the same journey. Even during a pandemic that could’ve never been foreseen, that promise is still being fulfilled by the Grace of God.


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