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Transformation of the Day: Bianca lost 65 pounds. After a toxic breakup, her therapist suggested that she walk 1 mile a day to clear her head. One mile turned into five miles, marking the beginning of her transformation. She is also eating low carb, high-fat meals and practicing intermittent fasting.

When did you start your journey?


My journey began back in March 2020. I went through a very toxic breakup, and my therapist suggested that I walk one mile a day, just to clear my mind. That new habit led to me doing 20 sit-ups every morning. I started to feel different. I had more energy. I felt like I was accomplishing something.

I began to push myself, and 1 mile turned into 5 miles. I traded in the sit-ups for HIIT workout videos on YouTube. I started with 10-minute videos and working my way up to 45 minutes. Now, I do HIIT for 45 mins every morning. I also run a few miles in the evening.


How did you change your eating habits?


I eat low carb, high-fat meals and do intermittent fasting seven days a week (16:8). More than liking what I see in the mirror, I like the way I feel about myself. The power you gain from transforming your body is like no other. It makes you feel as if you can accomplish anything!

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight?


My starting weight was 240 pounds and my current weight 175 pounds.


What is your height?


I’m 5’5″.


Is weight loss surgery or skin removal surgery part of your journey?


Weight loss/skin removal surgery is not something I’m interested in at the moment.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?


The biggest lesson I learned so far is that weight loss started with my mental, not my physical. I had to change the way I view food, exercise, and myself. I watched my mom destroy her body, and it was important to me that my kids see something different.


What advice would you like to share with women who want to lose weight?


My biggest piece of advice is to go slow and be patient. I tried losing weight so many times in the past. Each time, I tried to do too much at one time. I would start with the most challenging, longest workout routines, not make it 2 minutes in, and then feel defeated. I set myself up for failure each time.


Go slow, be patient, and get an accountability partner to help you along the way.


Also, therapy has been an essential tool during my journey because so much of my bad eating was linked to my emotions. The weight was a physical manifestation of what was going on inside.


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