Bert Kreischer's Weight Loss Journey Started Out As a Challenge with Tom Segura

Grab all information on the weight loss journey of the comedian Bert Kreischer.

Bert Kreischer's stories are intriguing to hear; always fresh, new, and unique from one another. The most famous one is 'The Machine,' the recount of the comedian's unintentional involvement with a Russian mafia in robbing a train while on a college trip to Russia. While you may have already have heard it, the bizarre tale never fails to make you laugh even if you re-watch it several times.

You can get access to Bert's comedic bits on his weekly podcast 'Bertcast,' which he hosts himself. Already a millionaire currently from his successful journey in comedy, his stand-ups mainly include performing at a bar or a nightclub, with his shirtless deliveries of jokes and stories. His belly exposed from his no-top appearance showcases a little high-fat content in him, but in recent times, the comedian underwent a weight loss process to decrease his body fat significantly. Below we discuss how he was able to do it, including every detailed information.

Bert Brought Out His Overweight Issues on a Podcast 'Your Mom's House' with Tom Segura

Bert, who is married to his beloved wife LeeAnn Kreischer for over 16 years, and the fellow comedian Tom Segura co-host the '2 Bears 1 Cave' podcast. Bert and Tom first brought up their overweight issues during Bert's guest appearance on a 2017 podcast of 'Your Mom's House,' which Tom co-hosts with his wife Christina Pazsitzky. Bert said about four years prior to the episode, his weight was 265, and he hilariously pointed out the cause for being overweight as, 'Because I fell off a waterfall.'

When Tom asked him what his walk-around weight was about two years ago, he replied, "At 40 years old, I was 215-216 [lbs]. And I looked really good."

Tom also had his own weight concerns. He expressed his worries about his overweight body, "I've always been a pretty big boy, but it really got off the rails when she [Christina] was pregnant."

The guy told how he used to exploit every food he found and ate everything. He further related how he used to lie about his actual weight:

You know you have a weight you are comfortable with? I remember being like, faking it like 245 for whatever reason was fine. And then at 255, I remember just being like 'Yeah, but that's like 245.' If somebody said like how much do you weigh when I was at 255, I would say 245.

Well, that was the start of the challenge that drew huge attention of the fans and general people alike.

Bert Kreischer's Weight Loss Thing Started Out As a Challenge Against Tom Segura

Bert and Tom started their weight loss challenge in 2017 on Joe Rogan's podcast with the condition that the loser had to pay for the winner's trip to any place he chooses. And the loser had to shave their beard, which neither of the two wanted to.

Ari Shaffir, also a comedian, proposed the challenge, and he promised that he would pay for both men's trips if they both managed to get their BMI out of the 'obese' category.

The two did succeed in getting their targeted BMI's, and eventually, Ari had to pay for both of their trips. Segura made more progress, however, by losing 6 pounds more than Kreischer, and he got the opportunity to shave off his friend's beard.

Bert took to twitter to share his achievement.

Joe Rogan also shared the two comedian's weight loss on his Instagram.

Well, the two seem to be happy with their body shape for now, and hope they do not mess it up by returning to their old eating ways.

How Did All of This Start?

The whole thing kicked off when Tom and his wife Christina Pazsitzky, with whom he co-hosts 'Your Mom's House,' compared Bert and the French actor Gérard Depardieu from the movie 'Welcome to New York.' They agreed that Kreischer looked like the actor because of his "totally bloated, distended, big booze-body." The couple then went on to spur their fans to ask Bert on Twitter, "Why are you so fat?"

However, the couple was not thinking that the fans would take it seriously, and Bert's Twitter started flooding with thousands of people asking the same question. People even started memes on Facebook and Instagram too, and everyone wanted to know the reason behind Bert's excess body weight.

On podcasts, Tom and Bert would be arguing that the other was fatter, and Kreischer would be called fat on several occasions when he used to make appearances on television shows.


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