Tom Skilling Weight Loss - Grab All the Details!

Grab all the weight loss details you need to know about the American television meteorologist Tom Skilling.

You may know the name Tom Skilling if you happen to watch the weather forecasts for WGN-TV. The television meteorologist based at WGN-TV in Chicago is one of the widely-recognized TV meteorologists in the country; in fact, he is considered to be the highest-paid local broadcast meteorologist in the United States, according to some sources.

Tom Skilling is also a contributor to the daily weather column in the Chicago Tribune. While many viewers of his weather forecast don't know much about his personal life, his recent weight loss surgery made many of them curious to know what's going on. So, we compiled detailed information on the topic in the sections below.


How Did Tom Skilling Undergo Weight Loss After a Gastric Bypass Surgery?


If you ask Tom Skilling what he feels about his gastric bypass surgery, he will describe it as 'a life-altering experience.' Since he underwent the operation at Northwestern Memorial Hospital early this year, he lost 50 pounds of body weight. That was quite a huge transformation in his life, considering the fact that he could not even walk three blocks or climb a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.

Unlike normal patients who undergo weight loss surgery, Tom Skilling got back to work after a short period following his surgery. He recovered quite well too, and now he's been doing weather forecasts at his North Side home, which has been transformed into a TV studio where he's been delivering weather forecasts during the coronavirus crisis.

'This is amazing. I've been doing this for 50 years,' he said, according to Chicago Tribune. 'There wouldn't have been even a prayer of a chance of setting up what we set up here to do. I'm able to prepare every graphic that I prepare at the station right here.'

Tom Skilling's Opened a Path Into Healthier Lifestyle After the Weight Loss Surgery


With a family history of obesity, weight was always of concern for Tom Skilling. His father passed away due to overweight at the age of 83 in 2006. This has a significant impact on Tom, and he began to think about his own health.


Tom Skilling also carried some chronic illnesses, which was one of the reasons he needed to drop pounds as an overweight person like him was a great risk. 'I went into this knowing I needed help. I was moving the first stage into diabetes,' he told Chicago Tribune. 'I had cholesterol issues. My whole family has always had high cholesterol. I was following in the path of my father, and my father ended up having a massive stroke. He was comatose a year after that and survived two years beyond that. Never walked again. Never ate properly.'

Those things propelled his thoughts to undergo weight loss. He wanted an immediate change, therefore, opted for weight loss surgery. And the surgery did bring a tremendous transformation in him, not just physically but also in his habits. Nowadays, he has adopted an appropriate eating routine, a change in his habit that has helped him live healthily at present.

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