Mike Tyson's Astonishing 100 Pounds Weight Loss Journey

Grab all the details on the recent weight loss undergone by legendary professional boxer, Mike Tyson.

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson is making quite a return to boxing (not professionally, however), as he recently revealed his tremendous body transformation. He ripped off his shirt in a recent interview on TV, showing the incredible body change he's undergone. The revelation comes ahead of his scheduled fight against the fellow boxing great Roy Jones this weekend.

After 15 years since he retired from boxing, Mike Tyson made his return to the ring in September this year. Since then, he's been playing in some matches. But many people are astonished to see his body transformation rather than get excited about his return. How did he undergo such a huge change? Let's find out.

Mike Tyson Just Underwent an Astonishing 100 Pounds of Weight Loss

Not many viewers expected Mike Tyson to rip off his top on TV interview during his TV interview on Good Morning America. Host TJ Holmes was asking Mike about his fitness routine and weight loss journey. 'It was very difficult but only for one particular reason - I had to lose 100lbs,' Mike answered. 'But other than that, I've always done this my whole career.'


'I became a vegan,' Mike added in the interview. 'My wife told me to get on a treadmill. So I went from 15 minutes on the treadmill and ended at two hours. I kept going to the gym and watching my diet, and I'm beautiful.' As the interviewer admired his transformation, that's when Mike took his top off. And he looked great for a 54-year-old man.


'You ain't seen nothing. I've got to show you, my body man, I've got to show you how beautiful I look,' Mike said, still topless. 'This is where it's at.'


However, Mike was not always like this. Actually, just a few years ago, he was overweight. 'At one time, I was just 90lbs overweight. I was doing cocaine, I was drinking, and I said Allah if he can stop me from being this way, I'll change my whole life,' Mike Tyson told TMZ Sports. 'And eventually, I got married, my life started to change, and I started working out.'

Mike Tyson Underwent a Rigorous Fitness and Diet Routine


As per the advice from his wife, Mike Tyson got rid of eating meat and adopted a strict diet routine. He also began spending two hours on the treadmill in order to undergo a tremendous weight loss. He needed to make a drastic change to slim down from his 289 pounds of body weight.


Mike Tyson also returned to his intense old-school boxing workouts by partnering with renowned mixed martial arts striking coach Rafael Cordeiro. His adoption of a vegan diet also helped a lot in his weight loss journey. Getting rid of unhealthy eating practices, such as consuming packaged products and avoiding alcohol intake, played an important role in Mike's recent weight loss.


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