Harvey Guillen Weight Loss - The Real Story

Having starred in many profound movies like Status update, The Internship, and the series what we do in the shadows, Harvey Guillen established himself as a fine talented actor in Hollywood. As an actor, he's been able to maintain momentum with small roles in other shows as well.


With his entrance in TV and films, Harvey Guillen - who is gay - broke all the harsh conventions in the industry regarding body structure. Guillen's been pushing boundaries of stereotypical ideas of things that are considered taboo.


Did Harvey Guillen Lose Weight?

Even though Harvey is a heavy guy, he did not have any issues with this body growing how as he explains how he's had a positive upbringing 'my parents always told me you are what you are and to own it. I remember an Asian boy telling me, 'You're full of confidence, I wish I were like you.' And I wondered why he didn't have confidence. I thought everyone had it.'


Guillen, who boasts a net worth of $2.5 million, adds, 'For a big guy, I still work out, go to the gym, but it's comfortable in your body that counts.' Harvey played the character of Alistair Delgado an oddball, often mocked and excluded by other campers. While working on the show, he shared his most memorable incident


'One of the most rewarding things that happened to me on this show was when I got a letter from a boy from the Midwest who said, 'I was literally about to kill myself. You made me think that it's OK to be who I am, and this town isn't for me forever.'


So, Harvey is more about accepting himself without being insecure or shy about it. We can see his flamboyance while doing things. He explained how he takes care of himself and his body in a healthy way.

Harvey expressed how he felt the industry is limiting. The actor said,


'When I first started, I felt that I was very much seen as one layer, which is the fat best friend kind of feel. After a while, it felt like there wasn't anyone trying to push the envelope on showing plus-size guys as more than that. You can be the leading man, the heart-throb, the crush, or the villain. I noticed when I got into this business, you don't want to get typecast and then go down that road, and that's where you stay.'


The actor is trying to become someone who inspires people like him as he said when he was growing up, he didn't have someone like him to look up to.


The 29-year-old recently did a boudoir inspired photoshoot. Harvey believed it's a way to push against things that are considered taboo for people of size, especially guys because it's a boudoir-inspired shoot.


The idea behind the photoshoot was him baring it all. It's about being comfortable in your skin so that you can be any character. The actor explained it's been hard.


Honestly, there are times when you doubt yourself. You go through self-loathing because you're told these things by society. "Oh, you're not your ideal weight. Oh, that's not your ideal nose, legs, butt, etc.," and it took me long to realize that I came from nothing. If I came from nothing, then I had nothing to lose, only to gain. The journey has its ups and downs, but you have to keep going.



Guillen did a bold shoot, which was all about being comfortable in his skin and embracing himself as he said he'd been scrutinized for how he looks. This photoshoot was a way for him to inspire people like him and spread a positive message.


Like Harvey Guillen said that the media is very limiting; there is little representation of the diversity that exists in society, which leads to people having unrealistic expectations. In such a situation, people like Harvey are pushing the rigid boundaries and ideologies of 'beautiful.'


The actor fiercely preaches about body positivity influencing people who are struggling with similar issues in life.


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