Davina lost 115 pounds

Transformation of the Day: Davina lost 115 pounds. After the birth of her second child, she felt like she’d let herself go. Joining Weight Watchers gave her the push she needed. Eventually, she learned how to get results without cutting out any food groups and how to work out effectively in the gym.

When did you start your journey?

I just had my second child and let myself go. I realized after wearing all of my then boyfriends clothes that something had to change. I joined Weight Watchers and started there until I was comfortable enough to walk into a gym. Once I went to the gym, I learned everything I could about how to use every machine there. Eventually, I learned how to create an effective routine to shed my weight. That was ten years ago.


What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up? Knowing that I have kids who look up to me as their example is what inspired me.


How did you change your eating habits?


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