Tina has lost 130 Pounds!

BWLW Facebook member Tina has lost 130 pounds!!! Show her some love for sharing her transformation story with us.

She says, “Due to being an intorvert and going through some things as a child, I became an emotional eater. Even though frailty is not a family trait, I was an overweight child, who became an obese teenager and adult. Throughout the years, I obsessed about losing weight, through logical and radical means. I, not intentionally, realized it’s about life changes. I let my body talk to me. My body lets me know it craves fruits and veggies, and not a lot of carbs. or soda I gave up fried foods, with the exception of boneless buffalo wings. lol. About 5 yrs ago, just by giving up bread and limiting fried foods, I lost 50lbs in a semester, going from a size 28 to 24. Since last July, I’ve lost maybe another 80lbs. I feel great!! I am still a work in progress, but I am so elated by the progress that has been made. To anyone that feels discouraged, start small. The small things add up over time. Even if you, in your eyes, backslide, no need to punish yourself. As long as you’re here breathing, you can always get back on track. I went from only being able to walk for 12 mins to be able to walk/jog for 2hrs. Keep pushing and keep smiling. Thank you BWLW for your site and testimonials. You are changing people’s lives.” Thank you, Tina for helping us to inspire others to release the weight!


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