Tiana went from 250 to 149!

BWLW member Tiana went from 250 to 149 lbs.  Exercise was key to her success.  She shared her story with us on Facebook.

She says, “My Name Is Tiana I am 24 yrs old and 5’2 in height. about two years ago I was 250lbs I looked in the mirror and told myself something has to change. I was depressed, I didnt feel pretty, my confidence level was really low. So I decided to change my lifestyle and hit the gym. my first whole year I would workout and try my taste buds on all kinda different healthy eats. so I could try and move my lifestyle change along it was really tough just like anyone I struggled, I was lost I didnt really know If I was Eating the right foods and I was wondering if I eating enough, how much of this I should have etc. I managed to lose 45lbs on my own but I knew I just needed something more to help me achieve my goal. thats when I was interduced to a Man name Beau He has a program called Formula55 Website is www.formula55.com. he is a guy that is out of Tampa Fl, his program is made to transform your body in 55 days, his program is made to push your body to levels you never even thought that you would be able to achieve. Beau gives you a personalized nutrition plan, and through out his camp he has different classes you can attend to do your weight traning and cardio. and that is how I made it to my lowest weight at 149lbs I workout at least 5 days a week cardio is my friend but I mostly pay attention now to what I am eating and how much of it I am having. Change has took over me and My healthy lifestyle will not just stop here I have transformed into a new person. for the ones that is in the position that I was in just know that nothing is Impossible and that you can make a change. Like I tell people all the time for the ones that ask for my advice,. If you make at least one new change a day you will start to see your whole life do a 360. team fitness is my new saying and I hope that everyone will join the team to live this healthy and wonderful lifestyle. =]”


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