One man used this diet plan to drop a whopping 11st - what did he eat?

Weight loss is on the minds of many Britons but reaching goals can be difficult. One man slimmed down by a staggering 10st 13lb with the help of a diet plan. This is what he ate.

The slimmer used the low-carb and high-fat keto diet plan to help him shape up

No matter what the reason for shaping up, following a structured diet plan can be a great way for people to get in shape. Those who have managed to lose a lot of weight will often share tips on what they did to transform their life. One man used Reddit to reveal the astounding transformation which saw him drop from 22st 12lb to a very healthy 11st 13lb. Opening up in the post, he explained he used the low-carb and high-fat keto diet plan to help him shape up.

Those following the diet plan will eat foods low in carbs, high in fat and with moderate protein content.

Some will limit their net carb intake to just 25 grams per day to help the body enter into a fat burning state called ketosis.

Keto-friendly foods include meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, dairy, avocados and non-starchy vegetables.

“PWojacks” posted a picture of him before and after losing weight and explained how the keto diet helped him transform his life.

He said: “I tried different ways of working out and everything. I recently went into keto full force and lost 35lb in about three and a half months.”

When shaping up, the slimmer explained he focused the foods he was eating over how much exercise he did.

“Keto has been so good my workouts have been few and far between," he added.

“If your health allows it, I really recommend it. It’s been the most ‘fun’ diet I’ve been on.”

Other Reddit users were quick to comment on the slimmers impressive transformation and ask for tips on how to lose weight.

One man lost nearly 4st by following a keto plan and cutting alcohol out of his diet.

As the weight began to drop off, he added in exercise and started walking and jogging to shape up.

Another slimmer used Reddit to explain she lost 4st 2lb by combining a keto diet plan with intermittent fasting.

She followed the low-carb diet plan and added in regular cardio exercises to help her shape up.


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